Upgrading to 3070ti / Boomcamp mac mini question
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Upgrading to 3070ti / Boomcamp mac mini question  


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Hi. I have been running a mac mini / bootcamp setup with an external GPU for about a year now. I have the Nvidia 2070 Super. The performance isn't bad, but most improtantly i am able to make it work with an older version of windows. 


I would really like to upgrade my card to a 3080 or 3070ti. Earlier this year I tried to upgrade to the new ATI 6800 XT (or maybe 6900) and it was a massive disaster. I don't remember the exact issue, but it ultimately came down to me having to return the card. I dont know if it was a driver issue, or something with overall compatibility, but I just couldn't make it work. 


I would really like to upgrade to a newer Nvidia... but i want to make sure there are no core issues before i go spend that kind of money on a card. Since my current setup seems to work fine with the 2070 super, i am hoping that i can just pop in the new 3070TI or 3080 and be done? I know there is a different power requreiment which means i need a different splitter, right? 


Outside of that, are there any issues with me upgrade and running windows 10 bootcamp on my mac mini



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