Will Switching the Enclosure model breaks the currently working setup?
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Will Switching the Enclosure model breaks the currently working setup?  


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Hi everybody,

I'm moving to another country and wish to take as much gears as I can, but there won't be enough space for an eGPU enclosure. I wonder that if I switch to another enclosure model, i.e from Akitio Node to Node Titan, will it work perfectly, or the differences between the enclosure do have an impact to the setup?

Any related experiences will be welcome, thank you for your time!

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Each time you swap components or even connect the same device to a different port, Windows reconfigures the device connection and allocation. It's best to use DDU to remove not only drivers but also the existing connection in Windows. Once that is done, you can reconfigure with the setup procedure you used in the first place.

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@itsage, I've even encountered issues after flipping the usb-c plug.


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