Win10 1903 Bootcamp on MB Pro 13“ mid 18 with Core X & Radeon RX580
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Win10 1903 Bootcamp on MB Pro 13“ mid 18 with Core X & Radeon RX580  


Ca Eike
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Hey Guys,

I‘m going nuts over here. As seen in the topic I am on a fresh bootcamp installation on a MB Pro 13“ with i5 and IrisPlus 655 onBoard, trying to get my eGPU working.

NOTHING I tried worked.

What I am using atm:

Win10 1903 (Build 18362.20) - new Installation / no Updates 
DDUed all Drivers
Set manually an Restorepoint for Win
Booted into Win10 using the automate-eGPU EFI with the eGPU plugged in

and then was NOT able to install the AMD drivers (Adrenalin Mar2020 BootCamp) as there is no AMD Card detected.

SO next try, booting into Windows WITHOUT Automaten-eGPU EFI (only works with unplugged eGPU) lets me install the drivers, with the result of Code12)

Rebooting both with or without automate-eGPU does not fix the issue.

Cold-plugged eGPU aditionaly results in a randomly flickering Win Logo at bootup. Hot-plugging it in Code12.

Any suggestions?

ATM I am installing Update KB4512508 for OS Build 18362.295

I really apprechiate your help here and thx in advance Smile

Greetings, Carsten 


Ok now on Build 18362.295

Card is shown in Device-Manager without Code12 but with the info that there is on driver available...
Trying to install the Drivers will hold the Installation at 96%. Rebooting only works with shutdown.

After Rebooting, the eGPU again is available Boy holt-plugging without Code12, but still teils me that there are no drivers installed.

The Radeon Software Helper in the Taskbar says, 

„No AMD graphics driver is installed, or is Not functioning properly. Pls install the AMD driver appropriate for your hardware“

OK, what I am missing here...

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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@ca_eike, Try different versions of AMD drivers and see which one works. Make sure to run DDU prior and uncheck the "Windows auto device detection and driver install" in DDU > OPTION.


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