Windows 10 Bootcamp w/ Mantiz Venus MZ-02 + RX580
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Windows 10 Bootcamp w/ Mantiz Venus MZ-02 + RX580  


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Hi guys,

A while back I asked about how to make my eGPU setup (Mantiz + RX580) work with Windows 10 under Bootcamp (MBP Retina 2017 15"), and that I wanted to retain the discrete GPU builtin, and I was told that everything should be plug and play, as I didn't want to accelerate the internal display. But there are some quirks that I have to deal with and I would like to check if they can be sorted out, or if you have any suggestions on what I'm doing:

My setup is having the laptop closed and using dual monitors connected to the eGPU w/ a mouse + keyboard also connected through the eGPU. The only way I can get the eGPU to work is to boot the computer with the eGPU connected with the ports on the left of the laptop (the ports on the left give me a lot of latency and lag when I use it for GPU intensive apps).

Now I have the following quirks that I want to resolve, and I hope you can give me some hints on how to solve them:

  • I have to boot up the computer connected to be able to use the eGPU, otherwise I get the dreadful Error 12.
  • When I boot it connected to the eGPU the built-in panel doesn't work at all.

I would love to be able to use the panel as a dock to be honest, and these quirks put some limitations on what I can do when I try to connect my laptop to the eGPU, and wanted to check if there is a way to retain the internal display (accelerated by the dGPU) and also have the eGPU rendering the external monitors, as this setup was really intended to be some sort of dock. Before diving into the more technical aspects of how to resolve Error 12, I wanted to check if you could give me a general hint on what to do, as the articles seem very technical in nature, and would like some guidance before I go down the rabbit hole.

Any help is really appreciated!!

MacBook Pro Touch Bar 2017 15" + Mantiz Venus MZ-02 + AMD Radeon Vega 64

2017 15" MacBook Pro (RP560) [7th,4C,H] + RX 580 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Mantiz Venus) + Win10 [build link]