2010 Mac Pro (RTX2070) [1st,4C,X] + RP WX 9100 @ 16Gbps-TB3 (Mantiz Venus) + Win...
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2010 Mac Pro (RTX2070) [1st,4C,X] + RP WX 9100 @ 16Gbps-TB3 (Mantiz Venus) + Win10 1803 [itsage]  

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@mark_symms, I’d never read about the Pixlas mod before.  That’s impressive and the finished result is much cleaner than using PCI power connectors on the mobo (IMO).   I suspect it allows for improved air flow through the PCI bays as well.


I’ve never experienced shutdowns with my ’09 Mac Pro (6-core 3.46GHz) despite using R7970, 980TI, 1080Ti, and Vega56 cards.  I wonder if power issues are more common with dual Xeon models?

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@itsage, restart wouldn't be required if there was an interrupt or ACPI signal that occurred during hot plug, and we had code to trigger IOPCIConfigurator to reenumerate PCI devices on the Thunderbolt bus. Even without a signal, the code could be started manually...


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@joevt, I was surprised by that behavior too. Will be testing more in the coming weeks. OpenCore does allow for easy system updates. I enrolled my 5,1 to Developer Beta and the process works as if the Mac Pro tower was natively supported by Catalina.


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