2011 15" MacBook Pro HD6750M + GTX1050Ti...

2011 15" MacBook Pro HD6750M + [email protected] (Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 350W via TB3 to TB2 adapter) + macOS10.12.6 & Win10 UEFI [FSP]  


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Aug 1, 2017 1:01 am  

HowTo for the eGPU community, that helped me a lot, and for other folks in order to SAVE TIME and REDUCE FRUSTRATION.


MacBook Pro (15-inch, Early 2011)

  • CPU: 2,2 GHz Intel Core i7
  • RAM: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
  • Storage: Samsung SSD 850 PRO 256 GB  (50/50 split for macOS and Windows 10 Bootcamp)
  • iGPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB
  • dGPU: AMD Radeon HD6750M 1GB
  • Thunderbolt: Firmware Version: 22,1; Speed: Up to 10 Gb/s x2; Port Micro Firmware Version: 2.1.3


eGPU Setup


External Display

  • 24" Dell Ultrasharp U2415 (DisplayPort)


Overall Setup

  • MacBook Pro -> Apple Thunderbolt Cable -> Apple Adapter (TB2) -> Apple Adapter (TB3) -> Sonnet eGFX -> GTX1050 DisplayPort -> Dell Monitor DisplayPort
  • photo 2017 08 01 02 58 31


WINDOWS 10 ENT 64-bit 1703 (July 2017 MSDN release) in BOOTCAMP


  • Windows MBR/BIOS will hang with black screen and unsolvable detection issues (if you want to avoid  the reinstall see  Section 2.1 and 2.1.2 )
  • eGPU Setup Software and Manual PERST# Delay will NOT help
  • Can't tell anything about Windows 7/8 (why bother? if Win10 is the best lol)
  • UEFI-installed Windows shall detect ALL three graphic cards: iGPU, dGPU, eGPU (this is what you want except iGPU, see next section)





  1. If you already have Windows 10 GPT/UEFI installation, good, proceed to step 2.2.6 or 2.2.12
  2. If you don't then
    1. Install Windows 10 as GPT/UEFI either on your internal storage (HDD/SSD) or external storage (USB HDD or USB Flash)
      1. Method #1 (full Windows 10): https://www.google.com/search?q=Install+Windows+10+in+UEFI+mode
      2. Method #2 (Windows 10 To Go): use Rufus ( https://rufus.akeo.ie/) and select "GPT/UEFI" and "Windows To Go" options
      3. DO NOT SETUP WIFI or LAN (yet) in order to prevent Windows Drivers Auto-Update for Intel iGPU
      4. Make sure eGPU box is off and not connected
    2. First full-functional Windows boot after successful installation
      1. Download/copy Boot Camp Support Software 5.1.5621 ( https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1720), extract ZIP, then in folder with extracted content. Note: you gotta download BootCamp software under macOS or another instance of Windows 10 and copy it, because your WIFI/LAN under this Windows installation will be turned off (!)
      3. Rename/delete file ".\BootCamp\Drivers\Intel\IntelHDLegacyGraphics64.exe"  (Windows drivers for Intel iGPU)
      4. Go to ".\BootCamp\Drivers\ATI" and install/run "ATIGraphicsLegacySetup.exe" ONLY (Windows drivers for ATI dGPU), don't reboot!
      5. After successful installation under Device Manager you will see one "AMD Radeon HD 6750M" and another device (something like "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter")
      6. The "another device" is Intel iGPU, you would HAVE to:
        1. Prevent Windows from automatically searching and installing drivers, see http://ow.ly/Hnjo30e3Yej
        2. Uninstall device from Device Manager
      7. Reboot and cross fingers. If all good you will boot back into Windows and under Device Manager you will see "AMD Radeon HD 6750M" (or whatever your dGPU is) and "Unknown Device" under Unknown Devices section (Intel iGPU - good so!)
      8. Install BOOTCAMP DRIVERS, ".\BootCamp\setup.exe" (at least one reboot required)
      9. Setup WIFI/LAN connectivity
      10. Now, reboot again (hold option key) in Mac Boot Manager wait until cursor appears, then turn on your eGPU and connect to MacBook, then select your Windows UEFI installation to proceed with boot
      11. Once booted in Device Manager you will see your dGPU and next to it something like "Microsoft Basic/Generic Display Adapter". That's your graphics card that is installed in eGPU enclosure
      12. Download lates NVIDIA Web Drivers and install it, reboot, and then you should see how eGPU graphics card will take over the internal MacBook and external displays
      13. In Device Manager you should see something like this
        1. photo 2017 08 01 02 50 00

      14. Press "Windows logo key + P" to choose a presentation display mode (built-in MacBook keyboard doesn't have Windows logo key, use external keyboard or Windows search to find the setting)
        1. photo 2017 08 01 03 10 10

      15. You should be good to go


macOS Sierra 10.12.6

No issues here, it just works! Thanks for great work to goalque and community.


BONUS: Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box bare bones

photo 2017 08 02 05 44 20

photo 2017 08 02 05 44 16

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Apr 12, 2018 10:30 pm  

Thanks a lot for this detailed description

Do you think this will work in any way with a broken dGPU? I mean I would have to use the iGPU during windows setup, as the MBP will freeze as soon as the dGPU is used, but I guess this runs (in a strange resolution) without any drivers installed for the iGPU. 

Your thoughts?


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Apr 13, 2018 12:49 am  

@chris_t_ian_seif-ert , there are two methods to prevent use of your problematic HD67xxM in Windows:

1. Force disable the HD67xxM dGPU using EFI variables. Such a solution would allow eGPU attachment if using Win10/8/7.


2. Set the dGPU to run as a VGA only device using these instructions. Such a solution would allow eGPU attachment if using Win10/8. Win7 would not allow an eGPU to work here since it requires the primary GPU driver to be working before any additional GPUs are enabled.



eGPU Setup 1.35    •    eGPU Port Bandwidth Reference Table    •    Several builds
2015 15" Dell Precision 7510 M1000M + GTX 1080 Ti @ 32Gbps-M2 (ADT-Link R43SG) + Win10

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Apr 13, 2018 11:42 am  

thanks a lot. I will find out..... First of all I need a eGPU box, that I will order now.....

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Nov 27, 2018 11:33 am  

Hi FSP and thanks a lot for this very detailed description.
i have a similar MacBook Pro (17" - 6770M) and I struggle to find working solutions.
as soon as possible I will try to make working my egpu with the help of your guide.

my problem for now is the thunderbolt port that doesn't work in windows 10.
after this I hope I will post my build.
have a nice day and thanks again

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Dec 5, 2018 7:14 am  

Nice detailed build.

Based on your build I was able to configure my 2011 MacbookPro 17" (8,3)  that also uses the AMD HD6750M to run with an external SSD drive that has an UEFI W10 install.  The eGPU setup used was a Sonnet Breakaway Box 500 with an EVGA GTX-1070Ti card connected via the Apple TB3<->TB1/2 adapter cable. 

The Sonnet Breakaway Box and the GTX-1070Ti was meant for a different MacBookPro laptop (2017MBP15, 3.1Ghz, 1TB) but decided to give it a try on the older MacBookPro just for kicks and to get a grasp on the performance differences between TB1/TB2/TB3 when using the same set of 3DMark benchmarks across 3 different MacBook's running the same eGPU.

W10 recognized the GTX-1070Ti, without problems, that been said I was not able to  get the built in audio to work, but wasn't an issue since audio was available via the HDMI output of the EVGA GTX-1070Ti card. 

I did notice that built in display of the laptop remains powered on even after closing the lid.  In Device Manager the AMD  Radeon HD6750M also showed the question mark, stating that the card stopped working, probably the same issue that showed up in your build, since there was a question mark on your attached build pictures.

I have searched online for information regarding updated AMD drivers for the HD6750M(vs the original BootCamp drivers provided by Apple'sBootCamp Support Software Package) and found this link: https://www.amd.com/en/support/kb/release-notes/apple-boot-camp.

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Dec 12, 2018 1:59 pm  


So you know that Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 550W with my macbook pro late 2015 will work with Apple TB3-to-TB2 Adapter? I just want to buy one Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box 550W and Im very curous if will works...

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