2013 17" HP Envy Touchsmart M7-J078CA GT740M + [email protected] (EXP GDC 8.x) + Win10 [xinaman]^  


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October 20, 2017 2:40 am  


2013 17.3" HP Envy Touchsmart M7-J078CA

HD4600 iGPU + GT740M dGPU

eGPU gear

EXP GDC 8.x mPCIe eGPU adapter

GTX1050Ti video card

xx PSU



Im trying to complie the dsdt-modified.aml and im getting this errors

dsdt-modified.dsl 5645: ~Arg0
Error 6114 - ^ Result is not used, operator has no effect

dsdt-modified.dsl 12066: Local0 = \_SB.PCI0.LPCB.H_EC.DTMP
Error 6086 - Not a control method, cannot invoke ^ (\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.H_EC.DTMP is a RegionField)

dsdt-modified.dsl 12153: Local0 = \_SB.PCI0.LPCB.H_EC.LTMP
Error 6086 - Not a control method, cannot invoke ^ (\_SB.PCI0.LPCB.H_EC.LTMP is a RegionField)

ASL Input: dsdt-modified.dsl - 18834 lines, 719150 bytes, 7977 keywords

Compilation complete. 3 Errors, 73 Warnings, 36 Remarks, 137 Optimizations

I managed to complie it by deleting the block of code that those lines where in, but then i tried to load it with setup 1.3x, then the size was bigger than the dsdt.dat.

So i loaded it by using registry override method in test mode.

It worked fine…. was able to confirm large memory device.

then i installed the drivers to my 1050 TI, the problematic one, using the method that i found here on the forum and it worked like a charm with latest drivers.

But then, when i launch a game, the fps wont go past 45~49 fps, no matter the game settings is, im using the notebook display.

I noticed the Bus interface load was around 97% all the time.

And now i dont know if the problem was those line of code that i deleted from the dsdt before i complie it, or if its the compactation that didnt work (because the load method registry override) or if i need a external display to resolve the issue.


by the way, im using a HP Touchsmart M7-J078CA with a 1050 ti in mPcie.

here is my setup 1.3x startup.bat


call iport dGPU off 
call vidwait 60 
call vidinit -d %eGPU% 
call loaddsdt
call pci 
call chainload mbr


Soon I will add my system & eGPU details or a build link to this my signature to give context to my posts

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October 20, 2017 2:50 am  

Yes, when using the internal LCD, frame rate limiting is often applied. If you do need more FPS & performance, then consider using an external LCD attached to the LCD. There display traffic is sent directly out via the external HDMI/DP/DVI connectors as opposed to internal LCD mode where it is send back across the 4Gbps eGPU link for internal LCD display.

I've split off your query into an implementation guide. Please add more details of your notebook, eGPU, and pics . You are the first to submit an implementation guide on this system so your pioneering efforts can help others duplicate your good results.

BTW - if your system has the GT740M dGPU, then  there was no need to do the DSDT override. Just hijaak the dGPU PCI space by setting PCI compaction->ignore[dGPU], perform your eGPU PCI compaction, then select Video cards->dGPU[off] and hit F3 to add it to your startup.bat.


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