2013 Mac Pro (FP D500 x2) [3rd,12C,E] + RP 580 @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Blackmagic eGPU...
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2013 Mac Pro (FP D500 x2) [3rd,12C,E] + RP 580 @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Blackmagic eGPU) + macOS 10.14.6 & Win10 1903  


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Good Day Everyone..

After spending weeks on this problem I have found a solution.

I just want to post an Update on this issue.

I managed to get this to work on Both PC and MAC.

Here are my Specs:

Macpro Late 2013 128GB


  • Mac: OSX Mojave 14.6
  • Pc: Windows 1903

Graphic Cards


  • 32" BENQ EW327OU
  • LG HDR 4K
  • Wacom Cintiq 13 HD

This is how I did it.

I connected the Blackmagic Egpu into to the Mac using a genuine Thunderbolt 2 to USB -C Adapter

I downloaded Purge Wranger.

GitHub - mayankk2308/purge-wrangler: AMD & NVIDIA eGPUs for all Thunderbolt Macs.

I ran TERMINAL and I installed Purge Wrangler. I selected AMD as the driver and followed the installation procedures.

After that I restarted the computer and connected the Blackmagic egpu to the bottom-right port of the thunderbolt 2 port and it worked perfectly with the Mac.


With Windows.

After trying different types of windows version and trying different approaches with DSDT etc, none of it worked.

So I downloaded the 1903 Windows version OS build 18362.30. I installed windows using bootcamp.


When setting up windows its important for you to participate in the Windows insider Preview. This is really important for this to work.

It took some time (10-15mins) for Insider to complete installation.

After installation of windows, I download bootcampdrivers.

BootCampDrivers.com: Turbo-charged AMD graphics drivers for Mac BootCamp users.

The driver that worked for me was the NOV 2019 Blue edition.

After following the installation procedures in Safe Mode, I restarted using the computer  into PC and installed the Bootcamp drivers Nov 2019 Blue Drivers.

I encountered and Error 12. The EGPU was not even recognised.

So I went to the device manager and I disabled the following PCL-to-PCL Bridges:

Pictures below.


After disabling the PCL bridges, I went to the Windows Insider Program. This would not work without receiving updates 



I restarted and Voila. It worked.

I connected all my devices including the Wacom CINTIQ13HD, OCULUS CV1, ETC and it all worked perfectly.

I ran Radeon Pro Setting and the picture is displayed below.

However, I noticed that the windows only recognised one of the AMD FIREPRO D500 card.



I hope this helps anyone facing the same issues with the same device.

2013 Mac Pro (FP D500 x2) [3rd,12C,E] + RP 580 @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Blackmagic eGPU) + macOS 10.14.6 & Win10 1903 [build link]  

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@fobeats_instrumentals, thank you for your information. Would you mind completing the build template to capture all pertinent info our users seek from build guides?

eGPU Setup 1.35    •    eGPU Port Bandwidth Reference Table

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