2014 13" MacBook Pro [4th,2C,U] + RX 580 @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Gigabyte Gaming Box) ...

2014 13" MacBook Pro [4th,2C,U] + RX 580 @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Gigabyte Gaming Box) + macOS 10.14.2 & Win10 [ivanosh]  


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System specs 

  • Mid 2014 13" MacBook Pro (16 gb, Samsung EVO 960 ssd, Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB)
  • Mojave 10.14.2 
  • Windows 10 (1511)
  • Lenovo L24q

eGPU hardware 

Installation steps OSX

Easy. Just disable SIP and run purge-wrangler script

  1. Shutdown
  2. Hold Cmd+R 
  3. Utilities -> Terminal -> csrutil disable
  4. Reboot
  5. Install and run purge-wrangler with single terminal command (here in Installation header: https://github.com/mayankk2308/purge-wrangler)
  6. and follow appeared menu.

Installation steps Windows 10 (bootcamp)

First i was trying to use up to date W10, but no success. After i found kuzbero's build guide and downgraded windows to 1511 version. Working like a charm. Thank you, @kuzbero.
Guide copy:

  1. From osx download Windows 10.iso 
  2. Windows 10 should be version 1511(10586). Other newer version gave to me error 12 (yellow triangle) of lack power. Picture will be attached below. 
  3. Prepare with Boot Camp Assistant installation usb and let Assistant to download all required drivers.
  4. I have sliced with bootcamp for Windows around 60gb from internal ssd storage.
  5. And installed all the drivers with bootcamp driver installator. 
  6. When you have installed everything you need to recognize your video driver.
  7. For recognition use next steps:
  8. Download this file : (  https://egpu.io/wp-content/uploads/wpforo/attachments/4/369-applesetosefi.zip  )
  9. Go to  (  https://egpu.io/forums/pc-setup/how-to-keep-mbps-irisiris-pro-activated-when-booting-into-windows-boot-camp/#post-1458  )
  10. Use instruction as described in USB stick creation procedure and create usb as in instruction.
  11. When usb is ready, turn off your pc. Then turn it on, and hold option button. 
  12. Next step is inserting Thunderbolt cable from eGPU to mac. It should start to spinn fans.
  13. Next choose from menu EFI and mac will load to Windows as usually, but in device controller you should see extra graphic adapter.
  14. Now go to AMD Radeon and download last driver. Driver now (when in device manager is second device recognized) will install easily. After installation restart your pc.
  15. When it reboots now you can use option comand to choose windows 10(i didnt choose EFI anymore, just one for first recognition).
  16. Now all should work like a charm. 
  17. Enjoy.


  • Playable on both OSs
  • Hot plug working in macOS
  • You can install updates on your Windows, but don't upgrade major version


  1. Not comfortable to switch OS in clamshell mode. macOS detecting eGPU after login screen
  2. LEDs not working in Windows
  3. USB ports don't transfer data, just providing charge ability in Windows. Had somebody same issue?
  4. Sometimes box very quiet in games, but after reboot to another OS it going crazy and trying to fly away in idle state. If somebody have experience with this problem, i'll be glad to get an advice.
  5. I didn't find any software to control FAN speed, state, etc. AORUS ENGINE( https://www.gigabyte.com/Graphics-Card/GV-RX580IXEB-8GD#support-dl-utility) don't showing FAN curve. Curve just empty.
  6. Can't update box's bios, firmware. .bat scrip saying that can't detect device. Because of tb2?


Screen Shot 2018 12 23 at 16.53.32
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Issue 2 and 3 occur because system is TB2 and running Windows (USB will work on macOS). 4 requires firmware update, but cannot be done due to 6, as firmware update can only be done on TB3 systems.

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Hey @ivanosh

I have a very similar setup to your, mine is a macbook pro 15 2015, iGPU only + external monitor + RX580 Box.

I'm having issues with making it work on Bootcamp. I downloaded a custom stripped down version of windows, with version 1809 (Custom ISO makes Windows 10 much much smaller with is great because my SSD is only 500GB). Do you think that is still a problem, after 4 months? Or can my problem be related to something else?

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Hi I'm new to this and I'm seriously considering the Gigabyte box for my mid 2014 MacBook pro 15" (Iris pro only, no nvidia GPU).  Did you have any issues outputting to the internal display? Did you run any benchmarks?


Thanks, and sorry for resurrecting an old thread, just looking for some insight.  

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