2015 15" MacBook Pro (R9 M370X) [4th,4C,H] + RX 6600 XT @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (AKiTiO...
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2015 15" MacBook Pro (R9 M370X) [4th,4C,H] + RX 6600 XT @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (AKiTiO Node) + Win10 21H1  


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System specs:

15" MacBook Pro Retina (Mid2015):
-2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 (I7-4980HQ)
-16 GB (1600 MHz DDR3)
-Radeon R9 M370X 2 GB

External monitor:

Dell P2421D (2560 x 1440 at 60 Hz)

Cooler Master GM34-CW 34" 2K 144Hz Gsync compatible

OSX: BigSur 11.6
Bootcamp: Windows 10 Pro build 19043.1237 21H1 (update from base 1903)

eGPU hardware:

Installation Steps

In general, I followed this guide from a similar MBP model (massive thanks to @marco_cirillo for sharing!) but there is a more detailed process I followed below.


  1. (I assume you start with a fresh Win10 install and have already installed all Boot camp drivers installed by Boot Camp Assistant automatically).
  2. Download latest DDU.
  3. Reboot into safe mode.
  4. Run DDU (remove GPU drivers for AMD, Intel and Nvidia without restart). Then restart into normal Win10.
  5. Start the computer, hold option so you see the OS picker (Windows and OSX).
  6. Plug in the eGPU (both TB2 ports on MBP work)  (at this point the graphics card fans started to spin, then quickly stopped, and the LED indicator on the card turned on). I waited for 5-10s to make sure the GPU started.
  7. Boot into Win10.
  8. Open Device Manager, verify your graphics adapter shows up as Microsoft Basic Display Adapter (same title for both eGPU and dGPU).
  9. Install the latest Bootcamp drivers (Adrenalin September 2021 Red Gaming edition. The actual driver inside is 21.9.1.
  10. Restart Win10.
  11. Open Device Manager, expect both dGPU and eGPU identified properly, but eGPU will have Code 12.
  12. Install eGPU-Toggler
    1. This step is device-specific. Follow the readme to figure out how to find your Hardware ID. 
    2. Open egpu-toggler.bat with Notepad.
    3. For my particular setup, I had to replace 2 instances of "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_66AF&SUBSYS_081E1002" with "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_73FF&SUBSYS_52201849"
    4. Add "timeout /t 1" before "REM timeout /t 1 >nul"
    5. Run the script and after few round of enable/disable expect your external monitor to run on (Code 12 issue resolved). The script will stop automatically. If for some reason the Code 12 is still there after 10+ rounds of enable/disable, restart Win10 without unplugging eGPU and try again. For me, it takes 3-4 rounds of enable/disable and Code 12 disappears.
    6. Just restart win 10 and wait (after add Task Scheduler .bat script) after 30-60s External monitor not show, try run .bat script manual
  13. Install ThrottleStop (My 9.4), set multiplier from 18-30 depending on job needs (my 20-25) the larger the number, the higher the temperature




Unigine Heaven 4.0 (extreme preset):

  1. eGPU (ASROCK RX 6600 XT Phantom Gaming 8GB OC)
  2. FPS: 97.9, Score: 2467,  Min FPS: 17.7, Max FPS: 201.4


2015 15" MacBook Pro (R9 M370X) [4th,4C,H] + RX 6600 XT @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (AKiTiO Node) + Win10 21H1 [build link]  

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