2015 15" ASUS X556UB (GT940M) [6th,2C,U] + RX 580 @ 8Gbps-M.2 (EXP GDC 8.4) + Wi...
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2015 15" ASUS X556UB (GT940M) [6th,2C,U] + RX 580 @ 8Gbps-M.2 (EXP GDC 8.4) + Win10 1903 [firerose]  


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i succesfully made this setup with EXP Beast 8.4 M.2 NGFF version in my pcie gen 3 x1 wifi card slot,
i had at first rx470 nitro 4gb + oc ( which died because of bad PSU) and now new 450 antec psu+ rx 580 gigabyte gaming 8g
pc is i7 6500u+12gb ram ddr3l+ssd 250+1tb HDD instead of ODD place
just removed my nivida 940m drivers with DDU, windows keep reinstall it and if you disable auto installs of windows updater with the ddu it mess up your windows auto time setup(had
to format my computer because of it since it critical for my applications and work)

few points:
0) If you have problem with make it work try to disconnect the laptop battery for more than 5 mins, or reset bios by get the cmos battery too and hold the power button without batteries(older laptops has it, newers is capicators), 1 time the card stopped working after i needed to disconnect the setup and that what helped me
1) Windows is at UEFI setup.
2)Rx 400+500 is easy to setup no need to do anything because they all UEFI BIOSES( thats what i read can be wrong if that UEFI bios matter of them)
3) Moved the switch on the GDC Beast to psu always on( you can find the info here on the setup guide), it located inside the box i had to break inside by self for somereason it has a hole for it like the second switch(the 1 for the delay power on) but it covered with thin plastic that i had to break with little screw driver
4) At the bios i had CSM off( it can be on but then the graphic card will output video only after windows boot up and not bios screen), i have the latest bios for laptop from asus website
5)Didnt test with the internal screen because i dont use it , i have 3 screens connected to the rx
6) Make sure you screw the screw that holded the wifi card also when you connect the cable of the Beast to the slot(you need to raise the cable alittle and screw it)
7) Check that the cable isnt beside the fan cooler( it has magnetic effect on the sides of the fan that blocked the signal of my cord) and make sure the cable is away from PSU 
8)Dont be cheap or try adapters of 6 to 8 pins or molex to 8 pins of old generic psu, learnd the hardway even tho those card low at the wattage consumption
9)I have little lags when at desktop without nothing open due to the pcie link downgrade when card is idle, found this method that helped lil abit but didnt really changed the link speed downgrade: https://forums.evga.com/How-to-force-PCIE-Gen-3-in-Windows-10-m2372915.aspx
10)Driver setup:
do not overlock the memory of the cards because it screw up the timings ( max 1750 for 4gb versions and 2000 for 8gb)
instead. change the timings at wattman to level 2( or for dual bios cards you can edit and put the timings of 1625 or 1750 to the straps of 2000, as miners doing)
make the highest state of memory as min( right click the last step and press min/high)
if you buy second hand from ebay or somethings it probaly miners card just flash normal bios+ when you run benchmarks monitor for gpu memory errors in HwInfo64 program(under sensors window)

Benchmarks: Unreal Valley @ 1920x1080 Extreme hd preset
cpu is at max boost clock(thorttle stop undervolt) @ 3ghz with vaccum style out fan for laptops and repaste

nitro+ oc rx 470 @ 1380mhz(+30 mv) overlock memory 1750(stock) unreal valley: 1943
rx 58x gigabyte gaming 8gb @1425 mhz(1150, stock volt) memory 2000mhz(stock) timing level 2: 2060-2080

Memory test(poclmembench): of rx580 only is 170 gb/s before pcie link speed mod, 200gb/s after mod ( level 2 timings) some reason final 1gb is 0.6 gbs (after mod final 0.5gb is 0.6gb/s) 0 errors at hw64 so far( higher clocks of memory has lot of errors)

most of games run smooth and really good on high settings some had bad stutters due to weak cpu( aerofly fs2 for example)
the cards using 130-140w at max even when overclocked so i guess weaker psu is fine (just need to have the 8 pin native as its bigger AWG cables than the 6 and more capable 150W compared to 75W)

Final words:
I bought this setup to be able work with 3~4 screens and due that chrome used too much of my cpu at 3 screen setup with adapters and there was lag
with this setup i can run 3 windows of chrome high demanding web application sites and chrome is using my gpu, also it made youtube lot less cpu demanding(altho those cards has no native vp9 support but hybrid 1) and able to run 4k without stutters now(80% cpu while buffering) 
i dont see a point to buy better card than this 1 because the cpu is bottlenecking anyway( my cpu gpu frame rate is pretty even at x-plane 11 you can check what im talking about in google)
ps: i dont have time for pictures and all that ( and i dont see the point for pictures)i just wanted to return a favor to the community as i saw only 1 thread about my laptop that some1 wasnt able to make it work( i guess he isnt a tech guy)

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2015 15" ASUS X556UB (GT940M) [6th,2C,U] + RX 580 @ 8Gbps-M.2 (EXP GDC 8.4) + Win10 1903 [build link]  

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did your laptop automatically detect your gpu/turn on without a problem? I'm having trouble with black screen.

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@monkey77, did you run bios on uefi mode or legacy mode? 

I experienced the same if I set my bios in legacy mode. that is happened because RX 580 is uefi and legacy bios doesnt know what to do with detected device during POST. my solution is turn on laptop without psu/egpu turned on, enter bios setup menu to halt bios process, turn on egpu/psu, reboot using ctrl+alt+del. 

or using uefi mode


2018 15" HP Envy X360 [R2K,4C,U] + RX 580 @ 8Gbps-M.2 (EXP GDC 8.5c) + Win10 2004 // Ryzen 5 2500u wifi slot gen3 link tweak [build link]  

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Hi, are we sure there is in ASUS X556U laptop M.2? or is there Mini PCI-e? i have replaced wifi to 5GHZ and buyed MINI PCie and the card is working, i want to upgrade my laptop with EGPU and dont want to buy wrong cable. Thank you.

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