2016 12" Razer Blade Stealth [6th,2C,U] + GTX 1060 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) +...
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2016 12" Razer Blade Stealth [6th,2C,U] + GTX 1060 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 1903  


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I have been a regular reader. Learned a lot from the forum. Thanks everyone for sharing your experience.

System specs

  • early 2016 12.5" Razer blade stealth, 8GB RAM, 256GB SAMSUNG PM961 SSD (will change to 1tb)
  • CPU: i7 6500U 2C 2.5GHZ
  • 2K touch screen
  • Intel HD Graphics 520
  • Windows 10 home 1903 (Build 18362.1016)

I bought RBS in mid 2016 simply because I needed a laptop. RBS and XPS13 were the best ultrabook on the market then. I eventually picked RBS for per key RGB lighting 😛 . I knew there was razer core (and a 100 bucks discount if you buy RBS together), but I wasn't sure if I would use egpu in the future. The price was also pretty high for me. I eventually decided to upgrade my PC instead of getting an egpu.

Over the years I have been thinking about getting an egpu enclosure since I work and play game at two different places. I've been searching for cheaper alternatives. I surveyed many different egpus and finally realized Core X would still be the most economic option. That being said, Core X is too large for my desk; I might need some extra IOs; and the price is still high. Core X chroma is ideal but it's simply out of my budget. I have been looking forward to Lenovo's Booststation, which allegedly can host a 2.5 hard drive. Unfortunately, no words came out throughout the Summer. At the same time, I am also looking for secondhand devise. Egpu is not a popular option in my place. Used price is usually around 250-280.

Fortunately, I found a good deal last night. Someone is selling Core X for about 210$. So, here you go.

eGPU hardware


Installation steps

  • Everything is easy enough with core X if you are using Blade Stealth.
  • plug in my EVGA GTX1060 3G, plug 6 pins power cable
  • turn on power of Core X and my RBS
  • windows pop up a notification of a new thunderbolt3 devise. Choose "always connect".
  • Go to NVIDIA's website, download and install driver
  • ready to play


Unigine Valley (Extreme preset) score 2173

Unigine Superposition (Extreme preset) score 1904



Gaming experience

I am not a heavy PC gamer. I have a PS4, so I don't play games on PC unless I need mods or the game is mouse-based.

  • AOE2 Definitive Edition: use highest setting, 2K resolution, FPS 46-60, worked very well for me.
  • Batman: the enemy within: highest setting, 4K TV, FPS 30-45, I can feel stutters, but it's playable. 2k internal monitor FPS 45-52. It feels much better. I suspect this game is not optimized very well.
  • CS: GO: 2k highest setting FPS 65-72. Sometimes drops to 22, 11. To my surprise, changing to 1080P doesn’t make much difference.
  • Doom Eternal: can't open the game as it shows GPU memory error. This is because I set the graphic to highest setting on my desktop pc. The setup was synced to RBS, but GTX1060 does not have enough memory. The game does not automatically lower the setting at the start of the game. I changed settings on the other computer, steam automatically sync my profile to RBS. I also update intel graphic driver because there is a known issue about intel driver when playing this game. Run the game perfectly. At low setting the game maintains a smooth 60fps at 1080p.
  • Xcom2: 2k FPS 30, 1080P 52-72FPS
  • bioshock remaster: highest setting, 2k around 50fps
  • Mortal Kombat X: high setting (optimized by the game), 1080p, stable 60FPS during the fight, 30 FPS during menu and cutscenes.


In general I am pretty happy about the result. At least I won't need a gaming laptop for the following years.

I recommend updating intel driver as well.

The metal mesh on the right side (the one without razer logo) has erosion. I tried using toothbrush to clean it. Didn't work. I will try some WD40 the other day. The seller used this devise for two years. The enclosure is very clean. I think the problem is the mesh.

I am very sensitive to fan noise and high frequency noise. But I am very satisfied with this setup! An interesting thing is that the fan on my graphics card won't turn on upon connection. It only turns on during high workload. The fan on the core X is not as loud as other people complained. I barely notice the fan noise. I even open the case to confirm if the on board fan is working or not.

Another advantage is that since egpu will do the hard work, my RBS no longer spins fans like crazy during gaming. I noticed that laptop temperature was high during charging. Playing games and charging RBS at the same time will significantly affect performance since CPU will run at a lower frequency.

Since tb3 software will not pop out notifications after the first connection, you may want to check devise manager (or GeForce experience) to make sure the egpu is working.

My external monitor is not working. I will get a new monitor in the future. The gaming performance should increase.


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@hellman, Welcome aboard and thank you for sharing this build! Flat black spray paint can be last resort if WD40 doesn't work. 


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