2017 13" MacBook Pr...

2017 13" MacBook Pro Touchbar + EVGA 1070 SSC [email protected] (Razer Core 1) + Win10 1803 [eightarmedpet]  


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October 29, 2018 1:46 pm  

Short and sweet, just adding to the build table really...


System specs Upgraded 2017 13inch MBP, i5, 500GB SSD. LG Ultrafine 5k (bane of my life, but I do love it), Samsung EVO 500GB SSD in caddy.



eGPU hardware Razer Core V1, EVGA 1070 SSC Black 




Installation steps This was just an enclosure swap really but all I ever have to do is plug in straight after selecting OS in boot screen (Mac native - nothing custom). edit: booting has been oddly inconsistent - it felt a bit easier to get the hot plug timing right with the core rather than the Sonnet but yesterday I couldn't get it working at all so have switched to using the EFI Bootmanager which gets round the need to hot plug.



Benchmarks See previous builds for gaming benchmarks.



Comments I finally bought a core as it is currently the best looking enclosure, I was worried abut the reported noise but I don't find it an issue personally. The ports on the core are next to worthless though as peripherals disconnect regularly. Playing PUBG with my moose plugged into the Core was impossible, as a result I only use the core's USB ports for charging various devices.

Side note: TB3 enabler worked perfectly in macOS and I had my 570 up and running in no time, but couldn't get past error 12 in W10 as per usual...


2017 13" MacBook Pro Touchbar + [email protected] (AKiTiO Thunder3) + Win10
2017 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar + [email protected] (Sonnet Breakaway Box) + Win10

2017 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar + GTX1070 (debating 2070 upgrade) @32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core V1) + Win10

2017 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar + Vega 56 @32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core V1) + Win10 & macOS 10.14+

LG 5K Ultrafine flickering issue fix

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October 29, 2018 4:10 pm  

Yes Razer always put looking first before quality, like me playing soccer first fashion  😆

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