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2017 13" Macbook Pro [7th,2C,U] + RX Vega [email protected] (Mantiz Venus) + macOS 1...

2017 13" Macbook Pro [7th,2C,U] + RX Vega [email protected] (Mantiz Venus) + macOS 10.14.3 & Win10 [Eightarmedpet]  


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Going to refrain from too much waffle (maybe).

I was getting frustrated with the amount of noise from my Razer Core V1, even when idle the fans are audible to the extent that I wasn't happy leaving it plugged in when not in use. I also may have mentioned I have had issues with my Ultrafine - primarily I am unable to drive it with any GPU (still waiting for any with TB3).

With those two considerations in mind I decided it was time for a new enclosure and my dream of a high end mini enclosure is never happening so time to accept it and go the other way - an enclosure that is a full on docking solution with the ability to upgrade/mod it.

OH hai Mantiz Venus.


System specs (model inc screen size, CPU, iGPU, dGPU, operating system)

13 Inch MacBook Pro, i5, 500GB SSD, 16GB ram - to be upgraded this year?


eGPU hardware 
LG 5K Ultrafine nightmare
Mantiz Venus in Space grey
2M Cable matters TB3 cable
Sapphire Vega 56 ref model (a bit hot and loud). RX 5700 XT on route (found on Amazon for £330 somehow).

Mods coming soon - trying to hunt out a PCIe riser that actually works.


Hardware pictures


Installation steps
It appears that unlike my Core V1 boot up is much more predictable (famous last words) requiring nothing more than rEFInd where previously I sometimes had to use the EFI Bootmanager as well or instead of. I can only assume its somehow related to the Ti83 vs Ti82 chip (the Core having the later).

I created another custom rEFInd theme based on an old Clover theme I designed for Corpnewt (if anyone dabbles in hacks they will prob know the guy) dropbox download here:


In terminal:

  • sudo mkdir /Volumes/ESP
    (you'll be asked for your password)
  • sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/ESP
  • sudo bless --mount /Volumes/ESP --setBoot --file /Volumes/ESP/efi/refind/refind_x64.efi --shortform

Reboot, and you should be good.
I've disabled the webcams in W10 too but not sure if that's needed.

PUBG gets a good solid 60fps @1440.


The Mantiz Venus is better than I expected... 

The USB ports all appear to work (unlike the Core which was temperamental)
It's quite than expected as it appears Mantiz tweaked the design to include a 100 or 120mm fan rather than the original 80mm (best I double check the size).
The build quality is higher than expected but maybe my expectations were low, I actually think it's on par with the Core but maybe not as nicely made as my Node Lite.

Due to the above I am able to keep the Mantiz plugged in at all times managing boot with rEFInd and having my headphones plugged into the Venus which helps hides cables when not in use. I have a Notctura fan which I had planned on popping in instead of the stock but the fans on my MacBook Pro are actually louder so I may not even bother, I had also planned on getting a semi passive PSU but again the stock one is quite than expected. I'll see how the 5700XT works out and reassess then. Still planning on getting the TB3 addd in card installed in the enclosure to directly drive my Ultrafine.

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LG 5K Ultrafine flickering issue fix

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