2017 15-inch Macbook Pro RP560 + [email protected] (Powercolor Devil Box) + macOS10.13.3 & Win10 [Daelin]  


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February 3, 2018 4:33 pm  

Hi Guys,

after i bricked my MBP 2013 with GT 750M while attempting to pair it with my new 1080Ti (link), i had to buy a new MBP. The setup was straight forward in windows while i got only a the screen running under mac os 10.13 but without acceleration. since i need the GPU only under windows, i ditched it for mac.


System specs

  • MacBook Pro 15" 2017, AMD RP560
  • Win10
  • DCI 4K Monitor (LG 31MU97Z)


eGPU hardware 

  • Powercolor Devil Box with firmware 25.1
  • MSI Gaming X GTX 1080Ti


Hardware pictures

right now my Devil Box is naked, since the MSI 1080Ti is a little bit too big in the upper corner. i will add pictures before and after modification when i'm done.


Installation steps

In Win10 i first tried the way others described with manually installing the drivers but ended up in error code 43. i deinstalled the drivers and just plugged the eGPU in, after windows started up just make sure you have internet connection, then windows will automatically install all necessary drivers and the eGPU will work.


  • plug eGPU in
  • boot into windows
  • wait til windows installed the drivers automatically
  • done


In Mac OS 10.13.3 i run into some troubles, with the guide in the forum i made my external screen working, but got no acceleration. After i figured out that all similar setups currently not work perfectly, i decided to ditched the eGPU in mac. I don't really need in in this OS, it's more important to me that Mac OS works flawlessly

tl;dr: doesn't work properly, so i ditched it.



Didn't run any since i don't care. But Overwatch runs smooth (60FPS capped through display) in 4k resolution in Epic settings! 🙂



the USB Ports of the Devil Box are not working. They did initially, but after i installed the Bootcamp drivers for my new MacBook, they don't. (i use windows on a external ssd, so its my used windows partition). I would be thankful when someone knows how to make the USB ports working again.

MacBook Pro 15" 2017, AMD RP560
Devil Box + MSI GTX 1080Ti Gaming X

Bricked thanks to rEFInd:
MacBook Pro 15" Late 2013, GT 750M