2017 13" MacBook Pro [7th,2C,U] + GTX 1080 Ti @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Sonnet Breakaway 650...
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2017 13" MacBook Pro [7th,2C,U] + GTX 1080 Ti @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Sonnet Breakaway 650) + macOS 10.13.6 & Win10 [neaumusic]  


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System specs

2017 Macbook Pro (No Touchbar)
Intel i5-7360U (2.3ghz - 3.6ghz dual core 15W TDP)
iGPU: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
dGPU: none
macOS 10.13.6

eGPU hardware

Enclosure: Akitio Node Pro
Enclosure: Sonnet eGFX Breakaway 650W (Firmware version 25.1)
2m CHOETECH active TB3 cable, seems to work flawlessly
1TB SSD Samsung T5

  • 100GB exFAT --> NTFS via VMWare Fusion (Windows + Restore Points)
  • 50GB APFS Time Machine backup (macOS)
  • 850GB exFAT (Z:) SSD SHARED for games and a full Windows Dropbox backup

256GB Mac Internal SSD

  • Selective sync Dropbox (separate from Windows external Dropbox)
  • Applications etc.

Hardware pictures

(picture is before rEFInd "spoof os x version" to fix flickering logo and screen glitches)

Thunderbolt, Nvidia, eGPU, Boot Camp

Installation steps

For macOS:
Simply followed GitHub macOS-eGPU instructions, making sure to follow them directly.
If you get black screen, unplug DisplayPort to monitor, shut down, unplug eGPU, plug eGPU when on Desktop, and possibly log out/in
Lack of DirectX support makes it pointless, I manually plug HDMI to usb hub and remove eGPU before power on

For Windows:
This took a long time, and by now I'd reinstalled everything 5x times and thought I possibly bricked my internal display (LCD burn-in logo).

I recommend getting everything from this checklist (I recommend Downloads on an external drive in case of fresh install)

  • Win10_1803_English_x64.iso
  • Windows Support software (from Boot Camp app menus)
  • Intel Thunderbolt Driver NUC software 17.x+
  • DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller)
  • Nvidia 1080TI x64 driver
  • rEFInd from SourceForge (open-source contribution, unlocks Intel iGPU firmware on bootload screen)
  • VMWare Fusion / WinToUSB.exe for Windows To Go (external SSD) see
  • Unigine Heaven (benchmark)
  • HWiNFO64 (hardware info, if you need it)

  1. Install rEFInd, uncomment "spoof os x version" in refind.conf after install - might have to run `mountesp` to view the ESP partition in Devices
  2. Install Windows with kb/mouse attached
  3. Install Boot Camp drivers (Windows Support)
  4. Install Intel Thunderbolt 17.x+ to recognize enclosure
  5. System Restore Point. Just do it.
  6. Boot into Windows Safe Mode (Restart holding Shift -> ... -> Safe Mode, Option boot on restart)
  7. DDU clean and restart (make sure eGPU stays unattached, also disconnect usb hub HDMI if any)
  8. Option boot to Windows (if you have rEFInd already set up, it would spoof os x but you don't want to yet)
  9. Plug in eGPU, install Nvidia driver
  10. On restart, just let rEFInd load up and everything should work beautifully!
    rEFInd is open-source, activates integrated graphics to manage internal display, and prevents serious problems
  11. Display Settings -> only show on monitor 2
  12. Nvidia Control Panel -> enable 165hz and Gsync

To enable external (Z:) SSD SHARED in Windows 10

  1. right click Start button -> Disk Management -> delete and re-add the exFAT partition via right click
  2. remove hidden attribute, Run -> `diskpart` -> `list volume` -> `select volume n` -> `attributes volume clear hidden` -> `exit`

1440p medium-high CPU settings (without usb hub HDMI plugged in -- definitely bogs down system)

Unigine Heaven (relies on DirectX)
macOS: 7-10FPS
Boot Camp: 130-150FPS

Boot Camp: 70-100FPS

League Of Legends
Boot Camp: 130-230FPS

Rocket League
Boot Camp: 165FPS

Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Boot Camp: 96-120FPS (UDKEngine.ini "smooth" to unlock FPS, see steam groups "thechivclub")


Originally had Akitio Node Pro, but couldn't get things to work correctly. Not sure if user error or I had a defective unit, but I could only get the enclosure recognized, not the card itself.

To save a lot of time, I didn't install Dropbox, but ultimately made sure to create Time Machine backup and Restore Points at every major step. 

The Sonnet is amazing, very quiet when inactive. I tend to unplug at night (strange PSU charging up/down sound), and I'm testing a longer cable (2 meter CHOETECH cable TB3 for $50)

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2017/2018 Macbook 15" + Razer Core X + Vega 56 (overclocked without eGPU cover)
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Care to share your PUBG settings? I'm getting 60fps on highish settings @1440 with a 1070... thinking upgrading might not be worth it if you are playing at 1080...

2017 13" MacBook Pro Touch Bar
GTX1060 + AKiTiO Thunder3 + Win10
GTX1070 + Sonnet Breakaway Box + Win10
GTX1070 + Razer Core V1 + Win10
Vega 56 + Razer Core V1 + macOS + Win10
Vega 56 + Mantiz Venus + macOS + W10


LG 5K Ultrafine flickering issue fix

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@neaumusic hi! how has your cable experience been with the Choetech active cable? is it still working?

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To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.