2018 13" Macbook Pro Touchbar + Vega [email protected] (Mantiz Venus) + macOS10.14 + Win10 1803 [azmirowen]  


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January 8, 2019 7:51 am  

This is my first time trying out eGPU. I thought I'd contribute my findings since I've learnt alot from this forum.

System specs:
2018 13" Macbook Pro - Intel i5 8259U/Iris Plus 655 iGPU/16GB RAM/512 SSD

eGPU hardware:
Mantiz Venus (MZ-02) + MSI Radeon RX VEGA 56 AIR BOOST 8G OC

Attached to the Venus:
Monitors: Benq XL2411T (144hz) via DVI adaptor, Dell U2412M

SATA: Samsung 840 EVO
USB: Corsair K70 Keyboard, Razer Naga, Steam Controller

Plug and play. However, clamshell mode from Power-Off failed on first attempt. This is when I'm switching on the Macbook and closing lid during Apple logo. The Venus didn't load up along with boot-up process so during the initial login screen only the laptop monitor worked. I'm not entirely sure if SIP had anything to do with this. Subsequently it all works either from power-on + closing lid or sleep mode + closed lid and I can't replicate the problem.

On Windows, the scenarios:
1. eGPU connected from Power On > Startup Manager > Windows
Windows boot logo hangs, eGPU is on, monitors stay blank.

2. eGPU hotplug during Windows bootup wheel
Same crash as above except the wheel keeps spinning.

3. eGPU hotplug after Windows finished loading
Error 12 for eGPU but keyboard, mouse, disk works.

Approaches I took (SIP disable, Secure Boot = No,  Allow booting from external media):
A. Disabling Broadcom Network Adapter and iBridge Facetime camera. Bootup with automate-eGPU EFI.
Results: eGPU switches on during bootup and switches off right before Windows fully loads. Replugging in the egpu results in scenario 3 above.

B. Installing rEFInd
Results: Doesn't appear in Startup Manager and OSX removes the mounts automatically. I suspect its the 10.14 Mojave doing this.

C. Trying different TB3 ports didn't work.

There were times during the combination of testing that Windows would be able to load eGPU (either by hotplugging or from power-on) but they always fail the next try. It appears that Windows is having resource issues when trying to load up both the Intel Iris and the eGPU's graphics card. The only solution I found was to set the Startup Disk > Bootcamp on both OSX and Windows side. Then every restart just close the lid or keep it closed. The Macbook will get to Windows on its own while keeping the Intel Iris from loading up.

OSX = plug and play.
Windows = Set Bootcamp as the default Startup Disk on both OSs and keep lid closed during bootup. No need to disable devices in Device Manager. All TB3 ports work.

PS: I would put up some screenshots but I don't know how to upload images 🙁

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January 17, 2019 9:09 am  

Nice but because the intel iris is turned off, it ca not go to sleep mode for me. did anyone make it to the sleep?

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts