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2018 15" HP ZBook 15 G5 (Q P1000) [8th,6C,H] + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (AORUS Gami...

2018 15" HP ZBook 15 G5 (Q P1000) [8th,6C,H] + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (AORUS Gaming Box) + Win10 [switch]  


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So after running for 3 years with a 3rd gen Zbook, I upgraded the laptop to a 5th gen ZBook with Quadro P1000. It was a one-shot offer and the dGPU was literally free.

The 5th gen Zbook is pretty similar to my previous 3rd gen. It now has a 6core/12thread H-rated i7-8850 CPU. There are three major differences for eGPU enthusiats: it has a Titan Ridge TB3 controller, it (shouldat least partially) be chargeable via USB-C and it supports DP 1.4 (as opposed to 1.3 on previous gen). The tb3 controller with two external ports still has a PCIe x4 to the PCH and by default supports the full 40gbps communication speeds (unlike other laptops). 

I'm reusing my little ol' Aorus Gaming Box with the stock GeForce 1070 Mini OC, which has worked perfectly with my old Zbook.

The setup is pretty straightforward:

  1. make sure you have the proper drivers (from HP) for both TB3 controller and video (intel+nvidia); the info below assumes you don't have any external display available;
  2. connect the eGPU to a power socket then to the ZBook via USB-C;
  3. authorize the TB3 connection in TB3 software (assumin default BIOS settings)
  4. your eGPU will likely NOT work at this point (you'll get Error -43)
  5. reboot the laptop while keeping the Aorus attached
  6. still won't work at this point; install latest drivers from nvidia without any cleanup in advance (this LACK of cleanup is important);
  7. reboot once again and enjoy a fully functional eGPU setup; the laptop WILL revert to using the dGPU if and only if the eGPU is not attached; it may also be assigned manually to PhysiX processing during games;

The only issue is that the laptop will NOT charge from the Aorus. I don't know why nor can I troubleshoot. It's extremely difficult to figure out what's wrong when all you can do is connect or disconenct a cable and look at a LED.

Here's the link to my previous build using the 3rd gen Zbook:

Here's the GPU-Z output:


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2016 15" HP ZBook 15 G3 (Xeon E3-1545M, Iris Pro p580, no dGPU) + [email protected] (Aorus Gaming Box) + Win10pro
2018 15" HP ZBook 15 G5 (i7-8850H, HD630, Quadro P1000) + [email protected] (Aorus Gaming Box) + Win10pro

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I think the Gaming box does not really provide 100W power. So it can't charge the HP notebook.

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