2018 15" Lenovo Yoga 730 (GTX1050) [8th,4C,U] + RTX 2060 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Raz...
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2018 15" Lenovo Yoga 730 (GTX1050) [8th,4C,U] + RTX 2060 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 1909  


Arun Langley
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System Specs

2018 15" Lenovo Yoga 730 i7-8550U, Intel UHD 620, GTX 1050 4GB, Windows 10 1909 running on 31.5" 144Hz QHD Lenovo G32qc-10 display

eGPU hardware

Razer Core X, Zotac RTX 2060 SUPER MINI 8GB, stock 0.5m TB3 cable

Hardware pictures

IMG 20200529 141209 min

Installation steps

I'll let you know when I've got everything working properly.


valley extreme HD
heaven extreme HD
Superposition extreme HD
Furmark 1080p

All on external display.


Great stuff but quite a lot of fiddling and troubleshooting to get the best performance. Shout if you have any advice or requests


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2018 15" Lenovo Yoga 730 (GTX1050) [8th,4C,U] + RTX 2060 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 1909 [build link]  

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@arun_langley, Are you playing red dead redemption 2 with this build? How are the performance, if you play RDR2 on this of course.


Ps: Sorry for my english..


2016 15" ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501VW (GTX960M) [6th,4C,H] + RTX 2070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (ADT-Link R43SL * M.2-TB3) + Win10 [build link]  

Arun Langley
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@mr-ribeiro, I'm only playing warzone and some older games on the internal display for now, but I'm runnning COD at 1080p ultra with rtx on, and ghost recon wildlands at 1080p very high. both vsync locked at 60fps with nothing getting hotter than ~85'C.


2018 15" Lenovo Yoga 730 (GTX1050) [8th,4C,U] + RTX 2060 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 1909 [build link]  

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@arun_langley, Hi Arun,

 I saw that you have a similar setup as me so I wanted to ask you a few questions if you dont mind.

I have Razer Core X and trying to make it work with RX 480 8 GB on a Yoga 730 - 13"

1. What was your process of connecting the razer core x for the first time? Plugged in, installed drivers and "tada"? Have you encountered any issues especially with drivers?

2. After I connect the setup, Yoga registers the Razer Core X, but there is some issue with AMD drivers. Even after installing AMD drivers I get the following.

No AMD driver is installed

 Device manager recognizes the card (RX 480), but immediately after driver installation there is Error Code 12 (This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use). After a restart it becomes Error code 43 (Device not functioning properly)

I will appreciate any tips or or issues that you might have encountered while installing.

3. Is your Yoga charging even at night? I have an issue like other people online that Yoga charging depends on the amount of light shining at the light sensor .... Super weird ..... If it is dark in the room, Yoga isnt charging, but if you shine light directly at the sensor, it starts charging ....

Thank you for any and all tips/help/suggestions.


Razer Core X, Radeon NITRO RX 480 8GB, Yoga 730 - 13IKB

Arun Langley
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@matusmuron, Hey man,

As far as the Core X it all went fairly smooth. I installed all my drivers before connecting the core, probably doesn't matter though. I had some issues with my dGPU but after disabling it everything was fine, I believe your 13" only has iGPU so no worries there. Make sure your Thunderbolt drivers are up to date but I think this is automatic once connected. Ensure the 'Always Connect' option is selected as well.

As for your error codes, I have seen a lot of posts here for Error 12 & 43 but fortunately for me I have had no such issues so can't help you there. However I did have some luck with using Nvidia studio drivers rather than the usual gaming ones (though this is no longer necesary in later driver versions) so if AMD has an equivalent then I'd try that.

On my 15" yoga I cannot charge through the usb c port because the laptop draws >100W and usb c charging maximum is 100W. I also don't think I have a light sensor so can't offer any advice here either.

I remember lots of driver uninstalls/reinstalls and computer restarts so just be patient and keep checking forums.

Shame I can't give you more advice but check the builds list for other 13" laptops with amd gpu builds and see what they have to offer, best of luck Smile


2018 15" Lenovo Yoga 730 (GTX1050) [8th,4C,U] + RTX 2060 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 1909 [build link]  

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@arun_langley, Hey arun, I know this is a super late reply but I have around the same setup and I've been dying trying to get my thunderbolt drivers working properly. Do you have an idea of what drivers you used? Or could you possibly link me to them? I've tried tons of them and none of them seem to work. They also don't seem to install any thunderbolt software for me, and the thunderbolt control center on microsoft store never works. 

Would greatly appreciate any help you could spare, been trying to get the drivers to work for a while 🙁


To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.