2018 15" MacBook Pro (RP560X) [8th,6C,H] + RX 5700 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Mantiz Venus...
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2018 15" MacBook Pro (RP560X) [8th,6C,H] + RX 5700 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Mantiz Venus) + macOS 10.15.1 & Win10 [mac_editor]  

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Posted by: @mac_editor
Posted by: @mac_editor

Life can be cruel. My RX 5700 XT just had to up and die. Fan refuses to spin on plug-in to host and macOS crashes shortly after. To eliminate all variables, I tested my (now dubbed 'trusty') Vega 64 and everything is functional.

Here's the lowdown of the event:

  1. Mac + 5700 XT were in sleep mode (not deep sleep as I keep the prevent computer from sleeping automatically on AC power).
  2. I decided to do some late night gaming.
  3. Woke up the laptop, clicked shutdown.
  4. Powered on the laptop, holding option key (hoping to boot into Bootcamp).
  5. Got stuck at Apple logo - boot selector did not show.
  6. Delaying worked but as soon as I plugged in, boot selector got hung up.
  7. Delaying further after selecting Windows - still got stuck.
  8. Booted without eGPU into macOS and then hot-plugged.
  9. Craaasshes.
  10. Tried with Vega 64. Worked.
  11. Retried with 5700 XT. Crash.

What happened between and 3? God knows. I swear I didn't do anything besides what I've mentioned. Just a shutdown. Guess I'll be RMAing the GPU. I just hope that the cause of failure was just the GPU itself - otherwise it would affect the Vega too.

I have 10 days to return on Newegg or I could RMA under warranty. Should I just return it and get a different model (Red Devil)? What would you guys recommend?

Edit: RMAing via Newegg replacement. Seemed like the simplest option.

Happened to me again! Same series of steps. Wanted to reboot into Windows so I shut down first. I force-shutdown because macOS was taking too long (happens on Navi it seems) - have done it before countless times. Bam - GPU gone. Tried silent BIOS too - no luck. Vega still works. Could it be a macOS-induced problem?

Haven’t I read that Mac OS is damaging too many Navi cards? Is that a driver issue that should get better?

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I’ve had zero issues with my RX 5700 XT.

Great card. Fast and reliable. In both Mac OS and Windows 1809.

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I don't know whether it is a widespread issue. In my experience, the Vega just works better - system shuts down normally. With Navi, system freezes (seems like its waiting) until I physically disconnect the eGPU. Navi is problematic on Windows as well - already had 2 crashes while playing what is a hardly intensive game for this GPU. Again, no troubles on the Vega. Loopback performance for Vega is also much better than Navi - AMD's drivers have been horrible and I will be switching to NVIDIA for a future PC build.


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2018 MacBook Pro 15" RP560X + RX 5700 XT (Mantiz Venus)

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