2015 17" Acer Nitro Black VN7-792G (GTX960M) [6th,4C,H] + RX Vega 56 @ 32Gbps-TB...
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2015 17" Acer Nitro Black VN7-792G (GTX960M) [6th,4C,H] + RX Vega 56 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Sonnet Breakaway 350) + Win10 [mitchmo]  


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i made some multi-graphiccard test with my bit modded breakaway 350 box ( why 3 cards?: i was completly undecided and switch later from 1080p to 1440p . why only amd?: iam  dissapointet from Nvdida/ read more bottom in notebook gpu)

My first intension was to buy a new notebook (i need the mobility but i also enjoy gaming and rendering) all actually notebooks in 1.0- 1.5k range had same or worse CPU as my 4 Years old I7. 
So i found egpu.io, a Thunderbold 3 Connection on my notebook ( i never realized before) and the Breakaway Box. Thats it!
Safed a lot of money! Enjoy the results:

System specs 
Model: Acer Aspire Nitro Black Edition VN7 792G
CPU: Intel i7 6700HQ
dGPU: Nvidia GTX960M
Ram: 16GB
TB: 3 (attention only the Black Edition has a TB3-4Lanes, the normal version has a USB-C)
Display: 27" 1440p Acer XF IPS Panel


eGPU Hardware 
eGpu: Sonnet Breakaway Box 350
Gpu1: AMD RX580 (MSI Armor )
Gpu2: AMD RX Vega 56 (Sapphire Pulse)
Gpu3: AMD RX Vega 56 (Sapphire Nitro+)


eGPU Modifications 
PSU: switched the  Akasa 350W SFX with a Corsair SFX SF450 (80+Gold)
FAN: switched the Fan (forgett name/terrible loud fan) with a Noctua S12A PWM
Cable: 2m Cable-Matters 40Gb/s Cable (Plan is to fix the box under the table)
The Corsair Fan is standing still in idle and in mid-range power supply
The 2x8 Pin from Corsair needed for the Vega 56
The Noctua Fan is as well as noiseless 


Installation Steps
Driver: i updatet the latest TB3 Driver from ACER Page (Version The newer from TB3-Page ( showed me some Message that egpu are not supported, may i have to install the newer, iam not sure in this case.
 Insert Card in Breakaway, connect power (akasa or corsair), connect TB3, turn on,
install AMD driver, enjoy. Plugged directly without any problems.
RX Vega56 Pulse: Insert Card in Breakaway, connect power (corsair), connect TB3, turn on,
install AMD driver, enjoy. Plugged good, i had some blackscreen 1 time and needed 2 restarts
look slike i cant connect plug&play, i have to turn of notebook and box an start fresh, after this it works fine)
RX Vega56 Vega: use hydraulic scissor, cut the box in 2 parts, insert card and welding togehter....joke...but damn big card
be sure you have enough nervs to put inside. Card has insded exactly 3mm air. I tryed 2 ways: remove PSU and inside and remove FAN including Fan-Plate.
Second way is defenetly the best and only save way to fit the cart without destroying something..
rest i similar like Pulse, also have same small plug-in problems


The Benchmark i made all with same settings, the Pulse and Nitro+ i made some deeper Benchmark myself with Battelfield 5 (already the menue needs maximal graphic power, so its in my opinion better Test as all Benchmark softwares)
But first lets take a look on the "normal" Benchmarks UNIGINE Vally and 3DMARK TimeSpy with all 3 Cards and dGPU:



vally-1080p-gtx960  vally-1080p-rx580   vally-1080p-vega56pulse vally-1080p-vega56nitro 
 1080p GTX960M  1080p RX580  1080p Vega56 Pulse 1080p Vega56 Nitro+



 spy-gtx960  spy-rx580  spy-vega56pulse  spy-vega56nitro
 1080p GTX960M 1080p RX580 1080p Vega56 Pulse 1080p Vega56 Nitro+


I was very diappointet after i saw how big the distance is between the dGPU Gtx960m and the eGPU Rx580. About the Tripple less. In my opinion Nvidia cheats with the GPU Name. I buyed the notebook 4 Years ago for 1.4k Euro and i not checked the GPU in Detail, i saw its a High-End CPU (was most important for me) ...for me was: a GTX960M should be good, okay its an "M" so its for sure a bit lower Version like a max-q with lower voltage etc. But its a damn 750Ti. Same Chip, new label. If i read before 4 years GTX 750Ti i not buyed... Anyway.
The i7 6700HQ is still a good CPU of course its a Bottleneck  but an  accaptable to push a 4 years old Notebook into a good gaming and rendering Station.

After these tests i got a my Display (1440p) and the RX580 was at max:

 vally-1440p-rx580  vally-1440p-vega56pulse  vally-1440p-vega56nitro
1440p RX580 1440p Vega56 Pulse 1440p Vega56 Nitro+


decission: Vega 56... but wich one?! Sapphires Top-Model Nitro+ against Small Nano PCB Pulse
after few tests the results was nearly same. In all Benchmarks the Core Clock and Boosts are running not above 1500mhz.
I test few different Benchmarks (including firestrike). The cards not boosts to maximum and it was not able to see
how long the cars can hold the boost. So it was needed to test ingame. Normal settings and with Undervolting + OC memory.

gpuz-vega56pulse  gpuz-vega56nitro 
Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse Sapphire Vega 56 Nitro+


Game of Coice: Battlefield 5 (High settings, 1440p, DX11)

already in the menue the cards runs in max core 

(Exactly detailed Numbers comming soon HERE! )


Result Graphic Cards

Sapphire Vega 56 Pulse:
In my opinion best Architecture for the Breakaway Box cause the Airflow running through the Card inside Backside Fan and directly outside. 
In a closed Case i got Temprature, after some hours of gaming, about 70 degree with 1300-1400 RPM Fanspeed. Back do Idle the Card runs immediately back to 38 degree 
without running fans. The TPD not runns over 180-200W. And you have a SAMSUNG Memory (more stable for OC)

Sapphire Vega 56 Nitro+: For the Top-Model the difference is not so big. I got both cards for a similar price (Nitro +40 Euro more). The fitting inside the Breakaway is horrorble.
The 3 Fans Blows the air directly on top of the heatpipes and the hot Air left around the card. Maybe its not the best Airflow inside the Box as at the Pulse but the temperature results was very close sometimes a bit cooler as the Pulse. Ingame you see +2-3 Fps more at the Nitro+, running around 190-220W. More worse Hynx Memory chip.

Iam not sure wich card i better. The Nitro has 2-3 Fps more for 40 Watts more and is 40 Euro expensiver. I Think the nitro is better for reselling after a year.
Maybe someone can help me with this decission.

Coile Whine= Both cards very similar ( i will test another PSU and may another Pulse)


Result eGPU

Perfectly! I can play 1440p an brand new AAA game with my good old full installed Notebook
and safe around 800 Euro for a new notebook. With the Corsair PSU and the Noctua Fan the Box
is noiseless in idle.

Thanks to egpu.io to show me this awesome possibility!
ah..And sorry for my english, it need some more coffee

2015 17" Acer Nitro Black VN7-792G (GTX960M) [6th,4C,H] + RX Vega 56 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Sonnet Breakaway 350) + Win10 [build link]