2018 Mac Mini [8th,6C,B] + RX 5600 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 20H2
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2018 Mac Mini [8th,6C,B] + RX 5600 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 20H2  


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System specs

Apple Intel Mac Mini 2018 (2020 SSD Upgrade models)

Intel Core i5 8500B [8th,6C,B] Intel HD Graphics 630

16GB DDR 2667Mhz (2 x 8GB OWC SODIMM)

Samsung 27" 27T55 1080p 1000R Curved Freesync 75Hz

Logitech G Pro (Hero) Wired Mouse

Logitech G213 Wired Keyboard


eGPU hardware

Razer Core X 

Included TB3 Cable

Gigabyte Windforce RX 5600XT (1750Mhz-ish)


Installation steps (note: I didn't keep track of all restarts, oops)

Download Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation

Install using OS X Bootcamp Utility

Let Windows 10 update everything

Open Apple Software Update, update everything

Restart, turn on Razer Core X

Give it a while, it will show up in Device Manager as Microsoft Display etc. 

Windows will start installing default driver

Allow installation to complete, mouse, keyboard and WiFi may disconnect for a while then reconnect

Install AMD Adrenalin latest (21.1.1)

Shutdown, turn on, I found I had to reconnect the TB3 cable, then eGPU was detected

"AMD XConnect" notification comes up

After this, swap HDMI from Mac Mini output to Razer Core X output (HDMI on 5600XT)


Turn on, everything comes up fine.


Benchmarks (External Only)

Apex Legends: Pretty smooth, by setting 4GB VRAM only. All High except AO, Shadows, turned off Volumetric and Sun Spot. At 6GB VRAM setting I think the bandwidth chokes and things get choppy. 55-100+ FPS overall especially once WiFi is not used and only Wired Ethernet. 




I basically got a Mac Mini and like it because it's the last Intel Mac Mini ever. In OS X everything works out-of-the-box for pro applications including 4K 10-bit HDR etc according to Apple specs (Apple TV rented content may only show HDR at 1080p etc). 

Tried Apple Arcade but still missed AAA PC Gaming. So went Bootcamp. I removed the bottom cover of the Mac Mini and use MacsFanControl to set the fan RPM to about 70%+ to reduce CPU throttling. AMD FreeSync is detected over the Samsung HDMI cable. 

Currently using AMD Adrenaline Automatic Undervolt to reduce temperatures, seems OK at about 930mv.

Previous brief overclock testing yielded about 1800Mhz core and 1850Mhz mem, not sure if stable though.

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2018 Mac Mini [8th,6C,B] + RX 5600 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 20H2 [build link]  

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