2019 13" Lenovo Yoga 730 [8th,4C,U], 16GB + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (ASUS XG Stati...
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2019 13" Lenovo Yoga 730 [8th,4C,U], 16GB + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (ASUS XG Station Pro) + Win10 [ja nusz]  


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Hi Guys!

It is not the first time I am doing this eGPU things. First time I did it in 2012 after my dGPU burned in Lenovo y460. I had some quite popular video at the time (over 200k views) running PE4H v2.4, GTX 560Ti, but it was taken down due to copyright claims 😀

So many years later after kids took over my desktop (i5-4670k, 16GB, GTX 970 connected to 4K 65' TV) I decided I need something better than Lenovo E440 that I also tweaked to maximum (i5-4200m -> i7-4810mQ; 8 -> 16 GB RAM;  Screen 1600/900 TN -> to 1920/1080 IPS; etc.) and it finally gave up on me after few years of heavy office use.


This time I was looking for something powerful on the go with option to dock&game, hence Lenovo Yoga 730 13' - best price to performance in this form factor.

I did liquid metal on it - ended up on eBay looking for cooling assembly replacement - it looks like copper, but it's NOT!


So time has come and I went on ebay looking for cheapest option - ended up with Asus XG station Pro for less than half price, and Zotac GTX 1070 mini blower edition - used for mining. that I upgraded with Arctic Accelero Twin turbo 3, due to high temp and noise. Massive back-plate made me mount Asus fans on the outside and run it without side covers - fans are spinning on ATX power with Noctual Ultra low noise adaptor going to max 71' at almost no noise, that is also sharing power with hacked Ikea/Noctua laptop cooling stand. :mrgreen: 

The loudest thing in this setup are laptop fans, but you cannot have everything. 🙂


Few downsides to the build:

1. Asus XG can give only 15W of power - need to run it also on 65W laptop charger

2. Need to reboot every time I want to use it so it will use only GTX without intel GPU.



1. Internal display - just plug in TB cable and it runs like a charm, of course with some performance hit.

2. External display - connect TB cable (in task manager iGPU and eGPU will be detected - dedicated display will be lagging even while moving chrome windows on the screen) after reboot - all works as it should - only eGPU as graphics devices is detected and works at full power.




Passmark: before and after eGPU




This is how it looks - little overclocked core +200, mem +350, power limit 112% - currently running RDR2 at medium settings - it looks awesome! 







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2019 13" Lenovo Yoga 730 [8th,4C,U], 16GB + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (ASUS XG Station Pro) + Win10 [build link]  

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ja nusz
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I accidentally burned my dedicated fans (connected pins opposite side to power cable) and had to improvise with 1x 120mm corsair connectd to 12V with ultra quiet noctua adapter. 

But finally I got 2x Noctua 80mm. 1st connected permanently, second one connected to XG board instead of one of the exhaust fans, runs only when it gets hot inside.

As a result - temps went down 9 degree. Unfortunately I have no comparison to stock Arctic fans. 



Actually, I made a direct comparison with stock fans and even with 5% over voltage is 6'C and 101MHz better 😀


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2019 13" Lenovo Yoga 730 [8th,4C,U], 16GB + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (ASUS XG Station Pro) + Win10 [build link]  

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