2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5300M) [9th,6C,H] + RTX 2070 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer C...
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2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5300M) [9th,6C,H] + RTX 2070 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 2004  


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Hello everyone Smile

System specs

  • 2019 16" MacBook Pro w/ i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, 5300M 4GB, 512GB SSD (the default configuration)
  • dGPU: RP5300M 4 GB
  • iGPU: Intel UHD Graphics 630 
  • macOS Catalina 10.15.7
  • Windows 10 Pro 2004 (Build 19041.388)


eGPU hardware


Hardware pictures

Will come later Smile


Installation steps


If I'm not wrong, so far there's no solution? (I was surprised, but from what I looked for, on one hand Apple stopped helping nVidia working since Mojave? And on another hand, nVidia stopped releasing CUDA drivers for macOS... correct me if I'm wrong).


Windows 10 2004

Plug & play!
After thorough searches, it seems you should use the nvidia drivers 431.60, not the latest. I confirm, there is a 2-5% difference in favor of the 431.60 drivers).

Just install the drivers. It might fail, you can always reboot.

There's 2 things worth mentioning:

  • I always disable the Radeon 5300M when playing/benching.
  • I always re-enable the Radeon before rebooting Windows, otherwise the Geforce appears but is in warning state in Device manager. To solve that, simply eject the eGPU with RTX, enable the 5300M, and replug the eGPU. It works without rebooting.


Benchmarks all on External display

  • 3dmark Vantage: 64700
  • 3dmark: 8938



  • I'd be happy to make RTX works on macOS just to have the same external monitor setup on both OSes...
  • I'm now looking for improvements on performances:
    • Is there a better Thunderbolt3 port than another on the mbp16? (I could that myself of course) -> I tested and NO difference.
    • Are there better nVidia drivers than others? (I think I'm running latest, 431, gotta check that.) -> I answered that, 431.60 appears to be the best in performances.
    • Performance improvements on CPU as well? Regarding the air flow, is it worse when MBP is closed, are is it the same?
    • Gotta try to overclock the RTX for better benchs. nvidia inspector sounds good for that ^^ -> 1st attempt to overclock : 3Dmark wouldn't run (even though Windows doesn't crash. Weird...) -> I was able to automatically overclock +145MHz on core (using msi tool).


  • Updated Cuda to 64bits, 32 was only showing 4GB.
  • Corrected Windows build.
  • Removed title explanations.
  • Mentioned nvidia drivers worth using.
  • Answered 1st question about ports.
  • Mentioned overclocking.
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2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5300M) [9th,6C,H] + RTX 2070 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 2004 [build link]  

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Very nice! I have the same Macbook as yours, and I'm planing to build the exact same setup, just for gaming. Did you run some game benchmarks? I'm curious to see how much the 2070 Super can perform paired with this laptop, and if it's worth investing on that model, or just getting a cheaper Nvidia card.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Hello @fabiano Smile

Yes I did run couple of game benchmarks.

I have the results in a table (sorry, it seems there's no table on egpu.io, except with code):

Game -970 FPS- -2070S FPS- -multiplier from previous- -2080TI FPS-
3dmark 3562 8938 2.509264458 12444 1.392257776
ACO 24 46 1.916666667 53 1.152173913
Death Stranding 30 59 1.966666667 75 1.271186441
FC4 45 86 1.911111111 100 1.162790698
Q2RTX N/A 55 - 70 1.272727273
Shadow TR 23 - - - - 73
Vantage 42324 64700 1.528683489 73039 1.128887172

Avg X from previous 1.966478478 1.230003879
Avg X best to old 2.553953789
Comment 2070S twice faster 2080TI 2,5 faster



-2070S twice faster than 970

-2080TI 23% faster than 2070S and 2,55 faster than 970.


My current feelings are:

* If you find a 2nd hand 2080TI, go for it Grin

* If you play pretty 3D games (I'm thinking Assassin's Creed Origins and Shadow of the Tomb Raider), the 2070S is a good choice, especially on WQHD monitor.

* Otherwise, a 2060S shouldn't be very different on FullHD, and is quite cheaper.

2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5300M) [9th,6C,H] + RTX 2070 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 2004 [build link]