2019 Core i9 8950HK...

2019 Core i9 8950HK Mini Pc + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-M2 + Win10 + ChaiQi  


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March 25, 2019 3:17 am  

System Specs
Model: Core i9 8950HK mini pc 
CPU:  I9 8950hk
iGPU: Intel HD 630
EGPU enclosure: EXP GDC 9.0b
GPU: GTX 1070
Operating System: Win10


Inspired TechTablets video on the i7 version on the mini pc with EGPU.
All credit goes to him.

I wanted to update my current system from the ASRock beebox-s 7200u to the I9 8950hk mini PC while keeping all my existing components. 
TechTablets used the ADT R43SG enclosure while I used my old EXP GDC 9.0b. If i have to advise which one to use I would say the ADT R43SG would be a better choice in this case since it was just plug and play.
For me and my 9.0b I had to play around with the bios settings in order to get it to work as well as use the NVME only slot.

My Bios came with CSM disabled so in order to boot i needed to enable it. Here are the setting i have in my CSM options

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