2019 13" MacBook Pro [8th,4C,U] + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + Wi...
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2019 13" MacBook Pro [8th,4C,U] + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + Win10 20H2  


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System specs (model inc screen size, CPU, iGPU, dGPU, operating system which eGPU is being used)

Laptop - 2019 13-in Macbook Pro - i7 8557U 1.7ghz CPU, Intel Iris Plus 645, 16GB DDR3 Ram

1TB WD Passport HDD (wish I had an SSD), MX master mouse, apple magic keyboard

Windows 20H2, Bootcamp Red Drivers.



eGPU hardware (eGPU enclosure, video card, any third-party TB3 cable , any custom mods)

EGPU - PowerColor Mini Pro - RX570 8GB (noisy but nice little form) 



Hardware pictures (note: require 5+ posts for "attach files" button to appear. Or can link from say http://imgur.com   BUT post the .jpg/.png image file rather than a link to it)


Installation steps (what did you do to get it all going?)



Benchmarks (Include a CUDA-Z or AIDA64 bandwidth pic. Optional: Valley, 3dmark, noting if it's on internal/external LCD )

Games tested at 1080p - F1 2020, ACC, AC, Dirt Rally 2.0, AOE II, Modern Warfare, Fortnite, Forza Horizon.

Pretty much all you can play high/ultra settings at 45 - 60FPS. The only problem I have is ACC when I come to race AI the CPU cant keep up!



Comments (eg: how has the eGPU improved your workflow or gaming)

Chuffed at the £380 I spent on the EGPU

2019 13" MacBook Pro [8th,4C,U] + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + Win10 20H2 [build link]  

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welcome in the club.

IMG 1159

It is nice to have another PowerColor Mini Pro user in the community.

I do have an external ssd (LaCie 2TB) with Windows 10 and some (old) games on it - it works perfect. It was a little work to get it run - but it is worth to do it. Yet I am trying to get a M.2 SSD in a TB3 case running - not so easy.


Now:    2018 Mac Mini (8th,6C,B) + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + macOS 10.15.4 & Win10 1909
Before: 2014 Mac Mini (4th,2C,U) + GTX 1050 Ti @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (AKiTiO Node Lite) + Win10

2014 Mac Mini [4th,2C,U] + GTX 1050 Ti @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + Win10 1803 [build link]