2019 Intel NUC10I7FNH [10th,6C,U] + RTX 2070 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) +...

2019 Intel NUC10I7FNH [10th,6C,U] + RTX 2070 Super @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + Win10 [coldfuser]  


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System specs (model inc screen size, CPU, iGPU, dGPU, operating system which eGPU is being used)

4k 27" LG, i7-10710U, Intel UHD Graphics, none, Win10 + evga RTX 2070 Super


eGPU hardware (eGPU enclosure, video card, any third-party TB3 cable, any custom mods)

Razer Core X, EVGA Gefore RTX 2070, Caldigit cable 0.5m passive


Hardware pictures 

IMG 1811

I have a VESA mount extender coming in tomorrow, so that black box in the corner will be hidden behind my monitor. I use a CalDigit TS3 to share USB resources across the Nuc and Macbook. The CalDigit dock causes the Razer Core X to turn on even when Intel NUC is turned off. This may be caused by TB3 being available on boot of the NUC. I have to flip a TB3 cable to switch computers, otherwise this is my ideal setup.

Installation steps (what did you do to get it all going?)

This is not complicated. I took the m2 drive out of an old computer with AMD/Radeon. I performed the sysprep out of box experience. Computer BSOD complaining about AMD Ryzen drivers.

 At this point, I did a reinstall of Windows but kept files. Windows came up using the iGPU. Computer would cold boot and send graphics to the monitor through the eGPU, but Windows still did not have it enabled. If I had been patient, I think it would have worked after Windows did some auto-detect on drivers. I switched back to iGPU and did a series of Windows updates, then eGPU worked automatically.  I'm guessing Win10 auto installed these drivers, because I did not have Nvidia drivers installed previously. After a few reboots and windows updates, the eGPU came up as a secondary monitor. I disabled iGPU in the device manager and Windows no longer thinks I have 2 monitors.


Benchmarks (Include a  CUDA-Z  or  AIDA64  bandwidth pic. Optional: Valley3dmark, noting if it’s on internal/external LCD )


Game  1080P 4k 4k iGPU loobpack 
Resident Evil 6 20081 10879 8604

User benchmark indicates that the processor is running at 68%. I did a regedit to make the power settings available. Even when setting the performance minimum to 100%, I'm getting the same errors from userbenchmark. 

 Sub-optimal background CPU (11%). High background CPU reduces benchmark accuracy. Find active processes with Windows task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC). CPU throttled at 68% by Windows. Ensure maximum processor state is set to 100%


UserBenchmarks: Game 96%, Desk 84%, Work 69%
CPU: Intel Core i7-10710U - 83.6%
GPU: Nvidia RTX 2070S (Super) - 105.9%
SSD: Samsung 860 EVO M.2 1TB - 115.2%
RAM: Crucial CT16G4SFD8266.C16FD1 2x16GB - 87.7%
MBD: Intel NUC10i7FNB

Version: 0.10.251 32 bit http://cuda-z.sf.net/
OS Version: Windows AMD64 6.2.9200
Driver Version: 432.00
Driver Dll Version: 10.10 (
Runtime Dll Version: 6.50

Core Information
Name: GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER
Compute Capability: 7.5
Clock Rate: 1800 MHz
PCI Location: 0:6:0
Multiprocessors: 40
Threads Per Multiproc.: 1024
Warp Size: 32
Regs Per Block: 65536
Threads Per Block: 1024
Threads Dimensions: 1024 x 1024 x 64
Grid Dimensions: 2147483647 x 65535 x 65535
Watchdog Enabled: Yes
Integrated GPU: No
Concurrent Kernels: Yes
Compute Mode: Default
Stream Priorities: Yes

Memory Information
Total Global: 4096 MiB
Bus Width: 256 bits
Clock Rate: 7001 MHz
Error Correction: No
L2 Cache Size: 48 KiB
Shared Per Block: 48 KiB
Pitch: 2048 MiB
Total Constant: 64 KiB
Texture Alignment: 512 B
Texture 1D Size: 131072
Texture 2D Size: 131072 x 65536
Texture 3D Size: 16384 x 16384 x 16384
GPU Overlap: Yes
Map Host Memory: Yes
Unified Addressing: No
Async Engine: No

Performance Information
Memory Copy
Host Pinned to Device: 2219.38 MiB/s
Host Pageable to Device: 1659.08 MiB/s
Device to Host Pinned: 2598.5 MiB/s
Device to Host Pageable: 1957.49 MiB/s
Device to Device: 159.017 GiB/s
GPU Core Performance
Single-precision Float: 9823.3 Gflop/s
Double-precision Float: 316.571 Gflop/s
64-bit Integer: 2263.2 Giop/s
32-bit Integer: 9645.06 Giop/s
24-bit Integer: 8902.92 Giop/s


Windows had strange input lag and low framerate on 2d until I disabled the iGPU. The issue here is that if eGPU is not working correctly then I have no backup. eGPU works from cold boot and sometimes when replugging the cable. It's really a dream compared to the 16" macbook pro. I am very happy at how well this works. It's replacing my main desktop. I'll try to locate my Resident Evil 6 benchmarks from Macbook Pro 16".

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@coldfuser Thank you for sharing this nice build! Have you received the VESA extension mount to get the NUC in the back of the monitor? We’d love to see those photos!


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