2020 13" HP Spectre X360 [10th,4C,G] + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro)...
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2020 13" HP Spectre X360 [10th,4C,G] + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + Win10  


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System specs:

2020 13" HP Spectre X360 model 13-aw0080ca

Intel Core i7-1065G7

iGPU Intel Iris Plus


512GB Intel H10 SSD + 32GB Optane memory

Windows 10 1909 (18363.778 as of writing)

eGPU Hardware:

PowerColor Mini Pro/VisionTek Mini eGFX

AMD Radeon RX 570

Installation steps

First applied all windows updates. As of writing its running Windows 10 1909 18363.778

Replaced pci.sys file with the one from earlier W10 1903 build 

Turned off Windows update temporarily to stop it from replacing the file automatically

Restart the laptop

Once fully booted I plugged in and powered up the PowerColor Mini Pro

Installed latest official AMD Adrenalin driver 20.4.2

Thats pretty much it


One annoyance is that I cannot keep the eGPU powered up and plugged in when turning on or restarting the laptop. For some reason it tries to boot from the thunderbolt device causing it to ask for a bitlocker recovery key, which doesn't exist. I've tried turning off USB boot in the bios but it didn't help. I just have to remember to power off the eGPU whenever I first boot or restart the laptop. Otherwise, it works perfectly fine if i turn it on after loading Windows. The 45w Power Delivery from the PowerColor Mini Pro also charges the laptop 95% of the time. ~5% of the time I get a warning notification saying it doesn't supply enough power. Just re-plug it and its fine.

I've also been fiddling with Throttlestop and undervolting the 1065G7. I believe i've been able to remove the 15w TDP cap, although i'm not 100% sure since i'm pretty new to this. Before trying to remove the cap, I would get PL1 throttling after sustained CPU usage and it would stay around 2.8ghz ~15w pkg power. After doing the "Disable and lock turbo power limits" I no longer saw any PL1 throttling, and sustained CPU usage would stay at around 3.5ghz ~18w pkg power. I assume that the pkg power isn't going all the way to 25w because I'm not using the iGPU at all.


Unigine Heaven on 1080p max settings:


Unigine Heaven on 1080p low settings:

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2020 13" HP Spectre X360 [10th,4C,G] + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + Win10 [build link]  

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@nutype;  that's a very nice machine!!  I saw a similar model on display at BestBuy (pre-COVID) with a 4K touch display.  Compared to my 13" MBPro you get a quite a lot more hardware features (convertible w/pen support) and functionality (USB-A, C & SD-card) for the money.  IIRC BB was running a president's day sale at the time also...  

I've been hoping to see this convertible reviewed here with an eGPU ever since.  Would you mind posting a few results with whichever apps, games, or benchmarks you prefer?  Thx!

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@cnon297, Since Unigine Heaven seems to be used a lot here for benchmarking, I'll download that and run it when I have a chance.

That should show the overall performance compared to other combinations.


2020 13" HP Spectre X360 [10th,4C,G] + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + Win10 [build link]  

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@nutype, The BitLocker requester isn't because it is booting from the thunderbolt device, it is because BitLocker sees the egpu as new hardware.  It's related to the enhanced security in place in the UEFI to mitigate attacks like thunderspy.


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I have partial success with this eGPU on new (2019-2020 model) Dell XPS 13" 7390 2-in-1 on Windows 10 Pro 1909 v10.0.18363.900. The GPU and USB-C port work quite fine. But the two USB-A ports are not working. They provide power but are not recognized as USB devices by the OS.

This picture shows ASMedia drivers are loaded. But my bus is identified as PCI Express x1 Bus #7. I cannot determine how to get those drivers assigned to my BUS. The DeviceInstanceID in my case is PCI\VEN\_8086&DEV_15C0&SUBSYS_5011148C&REV_01\0F224811E100AA0008

I have located the device in Device Manager and its current driver is from Microsoft; dated 6/21/2006; version 10.0.18362.752

It is identified in Device Manager, under System Devices, as a PCI Express Downstream Switch Port. I changed that to PCI-to-PCI Bridge and saw no change so I reverted it to PCI Express Downstream Switch Port. Do you have any advice?

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@nutype, Hey, I know you said there are other places to find the pci.sys file, but I have been looking for longer than I want to admit with no luck. I'm in the process of setting up my first egpu using the same laptop as you have. My frustration has finally led to the defeat of having to ask for some help. If you could just point me in the right direction that would be super helpful. My ignorance is pretty severe, would it be possible to simply go to System32>drivers on my computer, delete the original pci.sys file, find the working pci.sys file somewhere online and then download it in the place of the original? If so, please point me to where I can find the appropriate file (or give me a link and share yours)? If not, please point me to where I can find some detailed instructions do repeat what you did to make everything work. Please and thank you. 



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@hellomynameis, Here's a Google Drive link for it - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZleU49wtrfYsypRc0dXbn_yWKdaXtdDa


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