2020 13" MacBook Pro [10th,4C,G] + RX 580 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Gigabyte Gaming Box) + m...
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2020 13" MacBook Pro [10th,4C,G] + RX 580 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Gigabyte Gaming Box) + macOS 11.5.2 & Win10 1903  


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So today i've got working eGPU setup consisting of following components:


MBP 2020 13" Core i5-1038NG7, Iris Plus iGPU, Four TB3 ports, latest MacOS (Big Sur 11.5.2)

Enclosure: Gigabyte Gaming box (Aorus)

GPU: AMD Radeon RX580


Setup procedure:


Mac OS:

1. just plug-n-play



- Intro -

  • To save you some time I wanna let you know that i desperately tried to get this running on fully updated latest Windows 21H1 (update: also tried 20H2, same result). Trying for 3 days with many attempts and techniques included (such as rEFInd, apple_set_os and DSDT override, pci.sys swap, disabling PCI Ports) i got nowhere
  • That led me to conclusion that Win Build 1903 is most important key to succeed - as it's written here many times - and as you will see from my working build procedure below.



  1. Disconnect eGPU
  2. Install Windows 1903 v1 (mine build was 18362.30) via Bootcamp Assistant, after Windows Support Software has been downloaded, turn off internet access so that installator won't download any win updates.
  3. Boot into MacOS, from official AMD site download latest AMD Adrenaline drivers for this card (i did it with 21.8.2 Optional) - if there're newer - just keep in mind that AMD removes support for older cards sometimes. (you might want bootcampdriver.com if your MBP has also dGPU). Put driver installer in your Bootcamp drive.
  4. Restart and boot into Windows
  5. Connect eGPU wait for recognition (in device manager you should see Microsoft Basic Display adapter) 
  6. Run AMD driver installer.
  7. Done Smile
  8. (Optional?) For the peace of mind you can restrict Win updates if you wanna connect to internet after. Procedure had been written here many times... but:  
    - run gpedit.msc 
    - navigate: Local Group Policy Editor -> Computer Configuration -> Admin templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Updates -> Configure automatic updates
    - enable
    - choose Notify before download and auto install
      Idk if this is important since you've got to install major win version update manually anyway.


- Remarks -

  • Cold-plug works
  • Hot-plug works -
    • IF the fan is spinning at the boot time. So you can restart from both Mac and Win without touching HW.
    • IF you're starting Mac (from shutdown) into Windows, it won't work - just replug it
  • Replugging sometimes won't work (at least with my egpu) - I believe it's this enclosure's hiccup - Ive got to unplug power for 1.5 min, replug power and replug TB3
  • When you have dGPU dont forget bootcampdrivers.com instead of official AMD drivers. (cannot test, i dont have dgpu)
  • I'm gonna try it once again with newer win builds (and clean installs) for the sake of curiosity


(Before i owned MBP2016 13" Four TB3 with this enclosure/gpu  and got it working - a bit harder way. I guess there's instructions for that already here, but if interested - you can contact me and i will share info)

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2020 13" MacBook Pro [10th,4C,G] + RX 580 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Gigabyte Gaming Box) + macOS 11.5.2 & Win10 1903 [build link]  

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Thanks for sharing the detailed step for us! I was trying to use the lastest verison of Windows 10 and did some tricks but none of them worked. Only with 1903 version of Windows will make the whole setup work again.

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