2020 14" Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 8th Gen [10th,4C,U] + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (...
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2020 14" Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th Gen [10th,4C,U] + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (AORUS Gaming Box) + Win10  


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System specs

2020 14" Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 8th Gen, 16Gb RAM, 512 SSD

CPU: Intel Core i5-10210u

iGPU: Intel UHD 620

Hardware pictures 

IMG 4185
IMG 4166
Screenshot 2021 07 12 183751 (2)


I will edit and attach photos when I unlock attach files for a cleaner post.

Edit: Attached photos.

Also, the error message I attached is what pops up upon a restart or boot up. Not sure what i need to do to fix it, but it has not affected me in any way (or at least I have not noticed anything.)

Installation steps 

Setup was plug and play. Installed all NVIDIA software with updated drivers. I always disable the igpu when playing games to take that stress off my cpu. Installed RGB Fusion for LED control. Worked great on the few games I tested, but I had already done my research and knew about the firmware update and how to fully optimize my setup.

After the update, everything just ran better. No more stuttering, computer got quieter, and games were very smooth.

The only hassle I ran into was finding a way to update the FW, why Lenovo does not have a integrated update tool, I will never know.

Big shoutout to @Boltoway for helping me find a update tool for my CPU. The process was quick and simple after that. Updated to full H2D speeds (2100-2250) respectfully.


Benchmarks and Comments

This is my first experience with PC gaming in any way so I am impressed at what this setup will do after optimized. 

Valorant - (all settings low) - 120-200 fps

Apex Legends - (all settings normal) - 80-100 fps (dips into 50's when chaotic)

Rogue Company - (all settings ultra) - 50-60 fps in plane, 90-130 fps on ground

CS:GO - (all low) 130+ fps always

Temps on the GPU have never gotten above 70C, but it is rarely over a 60% load. I would imagine with more demanding games this will go up, but not much. 80C max if I had to guess. I don't really have the CPU to put this 1070 to good use. CPU goes from 75C to 85C, and sometimes peaks at 97-98C, according to afterburner. May end up undervolting to help with this. Laptop is vertical and opened about 6 inches in a stand with internal screen disabled. I have a stand up fan blowing over my desk for constant airflow around my GPU and laptop. Probably overkill, but whatever.

I use a external monitor, and a usb hub connected to my laptop for peripherals. I have not used the ports on the gaming box because of the firmware version I chose on Gigabytes website. Occasionally when power cycling I plug in my headset to the box, it has LED's in the volume control and it allows me to see when the power cycle is complete.

I don't have many PC games yet. I will download Destiny 2 and Witcher 3 soon and will report back.


I bought the box used on ebay for a really great deal. It was bent and dusty and looked like it had a hard life. After I received it, I took the case off and cleaned everything meticulously, and bent the outer case back to looking almost good as new. The usual problems that some forum/reddit posters have with these are relevant, such as having to power cycle the box every so often and the LED's not always coming on. Other than those minor things, I really enjoy this setup and will use it until I have accumulated everything for my desktop build.

Thank you to the whole forum for all the help and knowledge!


edit: installed throttlestop, and my cpu is somehow not able to be undervolted(plundervolt?) but I did change the power(wattage) for turbo boost and my temps have gone from 80C-98C(yikes.....) to 65C-85C, so that is good. I only use throttle stop when gaming.

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2020 14" Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 8th Gen [10th,4C,U] + GTX 1070 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (AORUS Gaming Box) + Win10 [build link]  

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@justus_kelley, Nice setup! I am glad it worked out well for you. 

If you don't plan on moving the eGPU around, you could make a simple mount under your desk and hide it away like I did. It reduces the perceived noise as well. 



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