2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5500M) [9th,8C,H] + RX 5700 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core ...
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2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5500M) [9th,8C,H] + RX 5700 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + macOS 11.2.1 & Win10 2004  

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@itsage, thx, wich one is better red or blue? Have you experience with Win 10 2H?


MacBook Pro 16" 2019 - i9 - 9980HK - 1TB SSD - 32GB RAM - AMD Pro 5500M - Intel UHD 630
AMD Red Devil RX 5700 XT / Razer Core X
Mac OS Big Sur 11.1
BootCamp Windows 10 build H2

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@simooa, Your RX 5700 XT can use the red drivers. I run 20.4.2 on all setups both Windows machines and Boot Camp (different version including latest 202H). The only exception is with Big Navi cards that require newer Radeon driver versions.


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@simooa, on my 5700xt build, I had sloppy performance and a warning before starting squadrons... but I still had the best stability using April Red drivers for bootcamp.  I tried updating drivers (a lot of futzing around to get smoother performance out of squadrons but the red April drivers really were the best all around)...


2019 16" MBP - i9 - 32GB - 5500M 8GB - 1TB SSD w/eGPU 5700XT OC

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thank you for your well explained build. After some self originated trouble (it took me "only" one extend evening) it worked for me. I like especially that the set-up is the most current updated one (macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 and Win 20H2 19042.844 and the BootCamp drivers - Blue Edition, 21.2.1.). Without your build I could not make it. 

Thank you again.



BTW my set-up is:

2019 16" MacBook Pro (RP5600M) [9th,8C,H] + RX 570 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Mini Pro) + macOS 11.2.2 & Win 20H2 19042.844 

IMG 1133

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