2013 21" DIY All In One PC (RX560) [4th,4C] + GTX 970 @ 4Gbps-mPCIe2 (EXP GDC 8....
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2013 21" DIY All In One PC (RX560) [4th,4C] + GTX 970 @ 4Gbps-mPCIe2 (EXP GDC 8.5c) + Win10 1809 & Linux Manjaro  


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System specs:

DIY All In One Pc 21,5'' 1920x1080 LVDS screen

  • I7 4770 CPU with intel HD4600 iGPU
  • 16 GB RAM DDR3 1600 MHz CL11 Goodram (2x8 GB)
  • Motherboard Asus Q87T with low profile cpu cooler
  • 500 GB SSD Crucial MX500 SATA3+ 1 TB HDD HGST (exFat, avaible on every system)
  • BroadCom WI-FI + Bluetooth card BCM94352HMB + 1Gbps Realtek + 1Gbps Intel Ethernet
  • MSI RX 560 4GB with modded Cooler so it can fit inside AIO, connected into PCIE x4 slot with riser 16x to 4x
  • Custom enclosure LP215x with custom 21,5 lcd lvds screen
  • OpenCore GUI bootloader (OpenCanopy) with 3 systems - Win10 Pro 1809 & MacOs 10.15.7 Catalina Hackintosh & Linux Manjaro KDE
  • 2 additional Monitors - IIyama ProLite B2280HS 21,5" 1920x1080
  • A little cooling thing DIY made with laptop broken cooling pad


eGPu Hardware:

  • Custom EGPU DIY chasis (2 fans, sfx 350w power supply and led strip - pictures attached)
  • EXP GDC beast v8.5c Mini PCIe
  • GTX 970 MSI Gaming X


Install steps and other interesting info:

  • The saga continues, this project is aftermath of my previous build - Here, this one is a little bit different - harder, better, more refined
  • So this one took one again even more of my free time. Firstly i aquired working All In One Pc - enclosure and screen worked, power supply worked, it had 3rd gen celeron cpu and intel dq77kb motherboard, 2 gigs of ram. Next i started doing upgrades to it - i7 3770k, 16 gigs of ram and rx 560. But there was a problem - i couldn't boot with rx 560 in pcie slot. Updating bios - it removed 3770k support, so i had to sell this and buy i7 3770s instead. Good - everything works, windows works, linux works, but hackintosh had a problem - internal screeen was blank - no image. After reading many sites i concluded that lvds could be problematic in ivy brydge and hackintosh, so once again i sold mother board and cpu, and bought i7 4770 and asus Q87T.
  • And with that hardware one again - blank screen - no image. And it took me seriously months to find that one post that helped me - turns out i had to inject EDID ino hackintosh to make my internal screen work - Here is this post, so if you are reading it kashue -  you literally saved my ass. I would buy you a beer if i could
  • Instaling triple boot was as hard as it gets - fortunatelly now we have Opencore Dortania Guide Here, Windows install - easy, Manjaro install easy, Catalina install with tweaking everything - harder and more time consuming - but it works
  • As for eGPU - look into my previous build - i used that one once again, but with different cable - mini pcie instead of expresscard - and it worked with no additional tweaking, no dsdt, no nothing - just blam - install driver and there you go (windows and linux, of course - macos does not support it so only igpu and rx560)



  • Now for egpu configuration in each system:

    1. Windows 10 - gtx 970 is recognized in device manager, after installing drivers - everything works, no error, no nothing

    2. Hackintosh 10.15.7 Catalina - not supported, not used. I use only igpu intel hd4600 and rx560

    4. Manjaro KDE Linux - installed nvidia and amd hybrid driver, open source for intel hd4600 - some tweaking is neccessary as performance is not as it should be, and KDE sometimes behaves weird - vanishing plasmoids and so on - WIP

  • So there you have it. Once again i did something cool, unnecessary and fun



- results to come, i need some free time to post them, i will edit this post evewntually and add them


Hardware pictures, links:





it was fun, entertaining and i learned a lot with this project. Now i have to think of what to do with it. For know, maybe this topic will serve for someone as a helpful source of information. Any comments are apprieciated

2013 21" DIY All In One PC (RX560) [4th,4C] + GTX 970 @ 4Gbps-mPCIe2 (EXP GDC 8.5c) + Win10 1809 & Linux Manjaro [build link]  

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