2017 13" Dell XPS 13 9360 [7th,2C,U] + GTX 1070 @ 16Gbps-TB3 (AORUS Gaming Box)...
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2017 13" Dell XPS 13 9360 [7th,2C,U] + GTX 1070 @ 16Gbps-TB3 (AORUS Gaming Box) + Win10 [sabrefv]  


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System specs

  • Dell XPS 13 9360
  • 13" screen
  • Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2701 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
  • BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. 2.9.0, 7/9/2018
  • Integrated Graphics Intel HD Graphics 620
  • Windows 10 - Version 10.0.17134 Build 17134 (1803)
  • Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
  • Laptop was undervolted using XTU by 0.090V


eGPU hardware

Hardware pictures



Installation Steps

  • Plug and Play
  • Plug in Aorus Box to power
  • Connect Display Port Cable to monitor
  • Connect 0.5m Thunderbolt 3 cable provided with he gaming box to T3 port on back of gaming box
  • Power up PC
  • Plug in TB 3 cable to PCs TB port
  • Auto detect occurs - follow instructions
  • Go to Device Manager and update drivers (either auto search or go to Nvidia and select drivers for your GPU
  • reboot



Cuda Z

Unigine Heaven Parameters Used

Unigine parameters

Unigine Heaven High - Internal and External Monitors

Unigine High Internal External

Unigine Heaven Ultra - Internal and External Monitors

Unigine Ultra Internal and External

Unigine Heaven High - External Monitor Only

Unigine High External Only

Unigine Heaven Ultra - External Monitor Only

Unigine Ultra external only

3DMark Time Spy - Internal and External Monitors

Time Spy internal and Exernal

3DMark Time Spy - External Monitor only

Time Spy Exernal Only


  • I wanted to use an ultra portable laptop and connect to a GPU while easily being able to disconnect Laptop when needed for travel. Unlike other GPU enclosures the gaming box is relatively portable.
  • Laptop was undervolted using Intel XTU by 0.090V
  • Gsynch was turned on in Nvidia control panel. Using a Dell Freesync monitor, however, based on some information on Youtube you can turn on Gsync with an Nvidia card to Freesync monitor. Time Spy recommended turning off Gsync for the benchmark test. Option is in Nvidia control panel.
  • I’m not a gamer. I have 4 sons who play and I’m just the tech guy who builds their PCs and then hears the complaints if it isn't flawless. This PC is used to play Fortnite, Apex Legends and Battlefield 1 and does so at high settings successfully with no lagging or stalling. No complaints formt he users Smile
  • Laptop is connected to a 400MB/s download 20MB/s upload Spectrum network. I have a usb 3.0 dongle with 3 x USB 3.0 USB ports and Ethernet cable connection (for directly plugging in the ethernet cable) which when tested by using Speedtest (Okla) produced 414 MB/s download and 23 MB/s upload.
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Nice build and your sons are lucky! The nice thing with external graphics is you can have multiple computers that share one eGPU. The XPS 9360 is hindered by the x2 PCIe lane connection but I recall Yoga 730 has four lanes for its TB3 ports.

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best laptops for external GPU
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Thank you @itsage
I have a Lenovo 730 connected to an RX 580 whose build I haven't posted yet
The 9360 outperforms the 730 because it's connected to a 1070
One day I will connect both to identical eGPUs and see what effect the 2 lane vs 4 lane has
I wasn't going to use the 9360 because of the 2 lanes but a youtube video by ownordisown encouraged me because his 2 lane 720 performed very well
"GTX 1080 on a tablet ? Aorus GTX 1080 Gaming box - 3 Notebooks Tested"

Lenovo Yoga 730, Dell XPS 13
Akitio Node, Gigabyte Aorus 1070
Sapphire Nitro RX 580, Nvidia GE Force GTX 1070

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I have the same Dell Laptop and I do have the same eGPU.

In the last few months, I experiencing some issues relating connection.
The eGPU sometimes works and sometimes does not, better to say, it does not connect.
Sometimes I get a popup window, which is telling me that I have the wrong charging/power supply connected.
I would think that the Thunderbolt connection is thinking that my eGPU is a charger/powersupply.

Do you have any similar issues since you have your eGPU?
If so, do you have any solution?


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