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Please consider copy-and-pasting this template and completing the sections in making your eGPU Build Guide. Here we would like to see your working eGPU gear and how to replicate your successful installation. Example: this and this are comprehensive build guides.


Topic title

{notebook model (dGPU)} [cpu gen, cores, type] + {video card}  @ {bandwidth} ({enclosure} + {OS1 & OS2} // {comments}

* OS - only for which the eGPU is being used. eg: Nvidia RTX is Windows only as they never had macOS support.


2018 15" Dell XPS 15 9570 (GTX1050Ti) [8th,6C,H] + GTX 1080 Ti @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X Chroma) + Win10 [nando4]

2018 13" Macbook Pro [8th,4C,U] + RTX 2080 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (AKiTiO Node) + macOS 10.14.3 & Win10 [itsage] // Vive VR

2018 15" Macbook Pro (RP560X) [8th,6C,H] + Radeon VII @ 32Gbps-TB3 (ASUS XG Station Pro) + macOS 10.14.3 & Win10 [goalque]



System specs (model inc screen size, CPU, iGPU, dGPU, operating system which eGPU is being used)



eGPU hardware (eGPU enclosure, video card, any third-party TB3 cable, any custom mods)



Hardware pictures (note: require 5+ posts for "attach files" button to appear. Or can link from say )



Installation steps (what did you do to get it all going?)



Benchmarks (Include a CUDA-Z or AIDA64 bandwidth pic. Optional: Valley, 3dmark, noting if it's on internal/external LCD )



Comments (eg: how has the eGPU improved your workflow or gaming)

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eGPU Setup 1.35    •    eGPU Port Bandwidth Reference Table

2015 15" Dell Precision 7510 (6th,4C,H) + GTX 1080 Ti @32Gbps-M2 (ADT-Link R43SG) + Win10 // compares M.2 vs TB3 performance

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