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2018 15" Dell Precision 7530 (Q P2000) [8th,6C,H] + GTX 1080 [email protected] (Raze...

2018 15" Dell Precision 7530 (Q P2000) [8th,6C,H] + GTX 1080 [email protected] (Razer Core X) + Win10 [xacrett]  


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System specs

  • Dell Precision 7530 (2018)
  • Embedded Quadro P2000
  • Embedded Intel UHD 630
  • 32Gb DDR4
  • Internal display: 4k 15inch
  • External: some kind of old Samsung Full-hd'

Setup photo:

eGPU hardware


СUDA-z Performance:

Installation Steps


Drivers installation failure and solution
During the first build of the configuration, I faced the fact that after disconnecting the eGPU, the internal Quadro 2000 did not work in the system and each time it was necessary to reinstall the drivers. In principle, this situation suited me until the drivers from 1080T fell off and refused to be installed. Created a separate post, solved the problem. In short:


I am an engineer engaged in the development and implementation of aeroponic and hydroponic technologies of cultivation of plants. Due to the specifics of the work, I often have to move and the assembly of a desktop workstation is unacceptable for me.
In fact, the built-in Quadro is enough for me to work with small assemblies of 200-500 parts (I mainly work in Unigraphics NX and Siemens SolidEdge), but since I accompany projects from idea to launch I have to prepare various media materials that I process using 1080Ti power, such as renders, animations and BP content. For this task I mainly use 3ds max, v-ray, keyshot, aftereffects, photoshop.

If anyone needs some kind of benchmarks to be run on this system - write me about it, everyone is welcome.

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Dell Precision 7530: i9-8950k, 32Gb DDR4, Quadro 2000 internal GPU
Razer Core X: Palit GeForce 1080Ti Founders Edition