2012 Mac Mini [3rd,4C,Q] + RX 580 @ 10Gbps-TB1>TB3 (Razer Core X) + macOS 10.14...
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2012 Mac Mini [3rd,4C,Q] + RX 580 @ 10Gbps-TB1>TB3 (Razer Core X) + macOS 10.14.5 [Backstop5]  


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System specs

Mac Mini Late 2012
i7-3615QM, 4 core (8 thread) at 2,3 Ghz
Intel HD Graphics 4000
16GB 1600Mhz DDR3
Dell U2715H 2560x1440, 60Hz

eGPU hardware

Razer Core X
ASRock Radeon RX580 8GB
Apple TB3->TB1/2 adapter
Apple TB2 2mtr cable
3mtr DisplayPort cable

Installation steps
Took all the steps described in the Purge-Wrangler installation guide, encountered no problems whatsoever (so much thanks to the makers!!)
Legacy AMD disabled
TB1/2 AMD eGPUs Enabled
NVIDIA eGPUs Disabled
Ti82 Devices Disabled

Installing the GPU in the Razer Core is childs play.
Hooked the TB2 cable to the Mac, the TB3->TB1/2 adapter to the Razer, and linked the monitor up with a DisplayPort cable.
First time hooked up the Mac directly to the monitor with a HDMI cable, started the Razer and it immediately was picked up by the system. Switched the monitor to the DisplayPort et voila, glorious pictures Smile
(Only thing I'm not really sure about is the order in which to shut down the system, and how to start it up. For now I use the HDMI connection to start up the Mac, then switch to DP for the Razer.)


(All on external monitor of course)
Basic score:               dGPU       309                       RX580    2366
Extreme HD score: dGPU       102                        RX580    1545

Luxmark (GPU only)
Luxball         dGPU 857, RX580 14746
Neumann    dGPU 581, RX580 9781
Lobby           dGPU 169, RX580  2764


None really, this whole process was so easy, and gives this old Mac a second life.

2012 Mac Mini [3rd,4C,Q] + RX 580 @ 10Gbps-TB1>TB3 (Razer Core X) + macOS 10.14.5 [build link]