2013 15" MacBook Pro (GT750M) [4th,4C,H] + GTX 1060 @ 16Gbps-TB2 (AKiTiO Thunder...
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2013 15" MacBook Pro (GT750M) [4th,4C,H] + GTX 1060 @ 16Gbps-TB2 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + Win10 [matthieuv] // Dell S2417DG  

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Okay, I will give it another shot...

Now, I don't know if the difference between our two MacBooks (you have the 2013 rMBP and I have the 2014 rMBP) could explain the issue. 

You don't pay attention to the versions of Windows and Mac OS? Do you?

Impact of Turboboost on performances and fan noise level (MacBook Pro)

2014 15" MacBook Pro (GT750M) [4th,4C,H] + GTX 1060 @ 16Gbps-TB2 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + Win10 [build link]  

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does it work on macbook pro 2015 13"?

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i tried to follow the guide with a MBP 15" late 2013 GT750M and ended up with a brick. so i'd like to warn you using rEFInd since it seems to use clover under the hood, which is known to possible brick your macbook.

i tried all boot up options (webrecovery, reset nvram, etc.) but the thing is, it never gets so far. you can hear the start chime and the display turns on, but stays black. then you hear every 5 secs or so the beginning of the start chime, that dies before it ends...

after hours of research it seems to me, that the EFI chip has become corrupted and only replacing the chip can solve the problem. but suggestions what i can do are always welcome!

probably i have to bring it to a service point to replace the EFI chip... meanwhile i bought a new MBP 15" 2017 which works fine without that hacks for the stupid MBP with nvidia dGPU...


but for all of you using a MB with nvidia dGPU: i recommend you to remove rEFInd and clover from it and use a AMD eGPU which works fine under win10. its much cheaper to replace your GPU instead of ending up with a brick...

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Bricked thanks to rEFInd:
MacBook Pro 15" Late 2013, GT 750M

2017 15" MacBook Pro (RP560) [7th,4C,H] + GTX 1080 Ti @ 32Gbps-TB3 (PowerColor Devil Box) + macOS 10.13.3 & Win10 [build link]  

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Hi everyone,

After two years of service, I've decided to replace my eGPU with a more powerful one (after discovering the Aorus Gaming Box 1070 and 1080)

I have just put my current eGPU on sale on EBay


I'm selling the complete system, as a plug and play solution for a Mac with Thunderbolt 1 or 2. It still works as good as new. I can send it worldwide, don't hesitate to bid on it !

previous setup : 2013 15" retina Macbook Pro + TB2 Akitio Thunder 2 EVGA GTX 1060 DIY (Mac OS 10.13 and Windows 10)
current setup : 2018 15" retina Macbook Pro + TB3 Aorus Gaming Box 1080 (Mac OS 10.13 and Windows 10)

2013 15" MacBook Pro (GT750M) [4th,4C,H] + GTX 1060 @ 16Gbps-TB2 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + Win10 // Dell S2417DG [build link]  

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For those of you who are trying to use eGPU (as of November/2020 - Macbook Pro Late 2013):

  • Download and install Windows 10 Build 1903 (19H1) via BootCamp (easily found at any torrent index)
  • Install all BootCamp drivers and then reboot the system to MacOS
  • On MacOS, install rEFInd (needed to show Intel Graphics adapter to Windows)
  • Boot Windows from rEFInd menu (always do it)
  • Download and install Visual C++ Redistributable 2013
  • Download and run Graphics Switcher (from the tutorial above)
  • Reboot the system and then go to Device Manager, disable nVidia adapter, restart and see if it worked (if the screen goes black or Windows freezes at startup, force it to shutdown holding the power button two or three times while it's booting then set it to advanced boot, start as safe mode and re-enable nVidia graphics, to run Graphics Switcher again)
  • When you reboot Windows and it's using Intel Graphics, you can go ahead turning off your computer, connecting the Thunderbolt cable to eGPU, start it up and install the drivers. At this point, you should have your eGPU up and running!

Do not attempt to use newer Windows versions. Even doing DSDT patching didn't work for me, it was a waste of time.

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