2018 14" Lenovo Thinkpad T480s (MX150) [8th,4C,U] + RTX 2070 @ 16Gbps-TB3 (AKiTi...
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2018 14" Lenovo Thinkpad T480s (MX150) [8th,4C,U] + RTX 2070 @ 16Gbps-TB3 (AKiTiO Node Lite) + Win10 1809 [markus.fuger]  


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System specs

  • Lenovo T480s laptop - i7-8550U/Geforce MX150 dGPU/24GB DDR4 RAM/2TB m.2 SSD/2560x1440 14" screen
  • Intel NUC8i7BEH - i7-8559U/UHD Graphics 655 iGPU/16GB DDR4 RAM/512 m.2 SSD

eGPU hardware

Akitio Node Lite + Inno3D Geforce RTX 2070 + 0.5 Thunderbolt 3 cable + Dell DA-2 power supply

To make the GPU fit into the Akitio Node Lite several changes have been made

  • remove the fan
  • cut a hole into the back for the Dell DA-2
  • slightly modify the Dell DA-2 plug
  • extend the hole around the barrel plug for the power-connector cable
  • solder a proper cable to power the GPU (modify the 8-pin connector because of limited height)
  • remove the two guiding rails on the top of the outer box not to interfere with the 8 pin power-connector
  • add plenty of holes on the side using CNC

remaining things to do:

  • I ordered a fan control board with a 70x70x10 mm fan that should be placed right behind the front to push the warm air out
  • modify the soldered cable to connect the Akitio board directly with the Dell DA-2 remote/sense pin

Hardware pictures

closed case: https://imgur.com/zpZvuhE

open case: https://imgur.com/bUtti3V

back total: https://imgur.com/uQZEI62

back detail of power connector: https://imgur.com/a5MnhOk

inside case top: https://imgur.com/AJ6cqpX

detail power plug GPU: https://imgur.com/IoL5WS7

Installation steps

On the Lenovo laptop the NVidia driver (417.71-desktop) could be installed without any problems (perhaps because it had an internal Geforce MX150)
On the NUC the driver could not be installed directly (even with attached eGPU) - I solved it by extracting the downloaded driver and selecting it in the device manager


All benchmarks have been performed with an external screen (no loopback)
The values indicated with OC where obtained by getting the OC-curve using the latest MSI afterburner tool (100% power limit/81°C Temp Limit/ Memory Clock +1000MHz)

  Unigine Heaven Unigine Valley Unigine Superposition 3dmark Time Spy 3dmark Fire Strike
  FHD QHD FHD QHD FHD QHD total graphics total graphics
T480s 2316 1526 4008 2575 13902 9001 6627 7299 13722 16752
T480s (OC) 2363 1570 4078 2853 14475 9756 6566 7370 13492 17577
NUC8i7 2179 1493 3940 2586 13722 9218 6594 7177 14122 16651

Here there are some more benchmark results:

T480s (OC):


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2018 Lenovo T480s/Intel NUC8i7BEH + Inno3D RTX2070 in an Akitio Node Lite

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Very nice build with that RTX 2070 fitting like a glove! How are the temps during heavy load?

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When running Unigine Superposition the temperature stabilizes at around 77°C using the overclocked settings its about 80-81°C. When trying the same with an open case the temperatures are about 4°C lower.

I hope by adding this fan  https://www.ebay.at/itm/Y-S-TECH-FD127010HB-H-7010-70mm-x-10mm-Cooler-Cooling-Fan-DC-12V-0-30A-4Pin-B96/171187243015 combined with this controller  https://www.ebay.at/itm/DC-12V-Fan-Temperature-Control-Speed-Controller-CPU-High-Temp-Alarm-PWM-PC-CPU/152643299047 i can increase the airflow out of the box. With an additional repasting I do hope to lower the temperatures with the closed case by 2°C.

2018 Lenovo T480s/Intel NUC8i7BEH + Inno3D RTX2070 in an Akitio Node Lite