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2018 15" Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme (GTX1050Ti) [8th,6C,H] + GTX 960 @ 32Gbps-TB...

2018 15" Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme (GTX1050Ti) [8th,6C,H] + GTX 960 @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X Chroma) + Win10 [Leon Woodward]  


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System specs

-2018 15" Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Extreme I7-8750H (Undervolted -140Mv)
-1x16gb DDR4-2666
-15.6 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 IPS Laptop Display
-34 inch 21:9 2560 x 1080 IPS External Monitor

eGPU hardware 

- Razer Core X Chroma
- Radeon R280 (initially)
- GTX 960 (swapped later)
- 2m Caldigit TB3 active cable
- Headphones, Keyboard & LED strip connected to the X Chroma

Hardware pictures & Benchmarks


Installation steps 

Initially I used the Radeon r280, however had serious issues with swapping between the eGPU & the internal GTX 1050Ti dGPU. Once I swapped to the GTX 960 everything was much easier.

When installing it was mostly plug & play, but first you need to uninstall all drivers using DDU, turn of Windows automatic driver updates and reboot with the eGPU plugged in. Windows Device Mgr will show the 3 (Integrated/Discrete/External) GPU’s as unknown devices or something. All you need to do is install the latest driver from Nvidia. For me that was the GTX 1050Ti driver. I can plug the cable in/out while hot and the eGPU will connect and work.

I have added thermal pads to the PCH chip to help cool, you can see it in the photos. My temps are the same now as others have shown (thanks Itsage)

I still have the occasional quirks however and would appreciate any tips
- eGPU will occasionally not connect at boot. Reboot usually fixes, sometimes it takes 2 or even 3 reboots. Once fixed the Razer software suite will try and install (like it is the first time plugging in)
- Keyboard will sometimes not connect (LED & headphones OK). Reboot fixes
- Bumping laptop can disconnect eGPU. It’s irregular, I can wiggle the cable, no problem. But sometimes I bump the laptop and boom, everything disconnects ☹


Overall, I’m almost at my ideal set up. I don’t play demanding games so the GTX960 is good enough for now- what was most important to me is being able to pick up the laptop and go and have my home desktop-like experience come with me.

 The only things that bother me are the general finnicky nature of TB3. It feels unreliable and is a real pain to diagnose as there can be so many points of failure. The Razer Core X Chroma also has this stupid power supply which will leave the fan running so long as the TB3 cable is connected (even if laptop powered off). My set up is in my room so the noise isn’t tolerable, so I turn it off at the wall overnight.

The X1 Extreme is great, I have had no problem charging via the TB3 cable as user prasys did. It’s got some issues with thermals but overall is what I was looking for.

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Laptop: Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen1 w/ i7-8750H GTX 1050 Max-Q dGPU
eGPU Enclosure: Razer Core X Chroma
eGPU: GTX 960
Cable: Caldigit 2m TB3 Active Cable

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