late-2014 Mac Mini 1.4Ghz + RX480-8GB@16Gbps-TB2 (Rocketstor RS6361A) + macOS10.12.4&Win10 [MacFreekDotKext]^  


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May 25, 2017 2:45 am  

20170525 113500


I am running Windows build 16193 (Redstone 3) on a portable SSD as Windows to go. And macOS Sierra 10.12.4.

Windows to Go was created using EasyUEFI's wintousb program.

I have previously used Windows 8.1 to success and 10 which needed DSDT override. I tried flashing my RX 480 to RX 580 which was successful, though wasn't stable and caused my card driver to crash oftwn, and the performance increase was abysmal with absolutely no other benefits gained from the flash.

This is a guide on how i get Windows 16193 working successfully with RX 480:

1. Leave Thunderbolt cable unplugged from Mac before turning it on.

2. Press option to load Windows to go Portable SSD Windows 10 16193 build.

3. Enter DIY eGPU Setup 1.35 with iGPU connected only. Configure it as:

  • Press 3 to enter Menu based setup
  • PCI Compaction 》 Legacy mode checked 》 Closeunusedbridges checked 》 ignore none 》 Endpoint 》 56.25GB-36bit 》 Run compact 》 iGPU 》 force iGPU to 32-bit
  • Chainload mbr
  • Select Windows 10  from OS selection menu
  • As soon as the Windows logo comes up hotplug eGPU. When OS is about to load up, change display output to Displayport.



Every time you want this do be done automatically, reboot into DIY eGPU  Setup 1.35 and hit ENTER (or allow 10s countdown to do it for you) on the default option 2 "automated startup via startup.bat".


Hardware pics

20170525 113625

Use paperclip trick to get PSU turned on without motherboard.

20170525 113640

Two molex connectors from psu to rocketstor 6361a molex connections. To give power to 6361a motherboard

20170525 113701

8 Pin pcie connectors to GPU. And chassis bent to fit RX 480

20170525 114023

RX 480.

20170525 113911

Modified back of chassis to allow Displayport connection into GPU while GPU can be screwed firm into chassis

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May 3, 2018 4:41 pm  

Man, I love your setup! Its so minimalistic!) Just the monitor in front of you, little Mac mini on one side and naked RX 480 on the other!)  Awesome) Would be even more badass with some RGB card like Nitro+ or Strix!