2013 Mac Pro (FP D500 x2) [3rd,6C,E] + RX Vega 56 @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Razer Core X...
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2013 Mac Pro (FP D500 x2) [3rd,6C,E] + RX Vega 56 @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Razer Core X) + macOS 10.15 & Win10 1809 [jcp-123]  

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Jörg Henninges
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@thedarkphoenix, tried this already ? 



Mac Pro6,1 - E5-2667v2 - Dual D300 + Razer Core X'ed Vega64

2013 Mac Pro (FP D300 x2) [3rd,8C,E] + RX Vega 64 @ 16Gbps-TB2>TB3 (Razer Core X ) + macOS 10.14.6 [build link]  

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Posted by: @jorg_henninges

@thedarkphoenix, tried this already ? 



I had no idea about this. Thanks so much for sharing. 

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First of all, thank you jcp-123 for this guide. I have been using it with success. Unfortunately I had forgotten to remove Windows Update, and, long story short, I had to reinstall everything.


I'm using the roughly same configuration (with D300 instead of D500 as internal GPUs and a Radeon 580X as the eGPU), and I use a Thunderbolt display attached to the port number 6 on my macPro.

I did the following steps :

- Install a fresh ISO of Windows 10 pro, build 1809

- Installed all the Bootcamp drivers from Apple (including the graphics drivers)

- Followed the dsdt procedure, succesfully compiled a source, and have the "Large Memory" item in my device manager.

- Uses the Display Driver Uninstaller and installed the latest version of the AMD drivers from bootcampdrivers.

If I start up the computer with the eGPU on, the Thunderbolt display stays black, and it doesn't seem to boot all the way (namely I cannot connect via VNC). And if I boot up the machine and after a while I boot up the eGPU box, then Windows does not see the external Radeon. Under macOS everything is fine, but Windows is not liking anything.

Is there a way to check that the eGPU is effectively seen by Windows, or is there a specific boot sequence to use for my setup ? Any help would be greatly appreciated (and the situation is really frustrating, a simple omission of a "do not ever update" on the registry has messed a particularly fine setup).




macPro 2013 (2694 12c Xeon/ 32 GB/ 1Tb SSD, dual D300), eGPU box Razer Core X, Radeon RX580 8Gb.

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