Mid 2015 15” MacBook Pro Retina R9 M370X + Zotac GTX1070 mini-TB2 ( AKiTiO Node ) + MacOS 10.12.4 [xpcyl8]^  


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May 20, 2017 6:39 pm  

I looked and didn't find existing implementation guide for this combo, and I just set up mine last night and would like to report success.

I’d like to thanks everyone who contributed to the eGPU forum. The knowledge you shared allowed me a painless implementation of eGPU on a MBPr which I use for X-Plane.


There’s really not too much to say other than confirming the MacOS setup guide worked almost as expected. There are minor differences but nothing too out of ordinary.


My hardware configuration follows:



MBPr 15" Mid 2015 R9 M370X  -> Apple TB2 cable -> Apple TB3-TB2 adaptor -> AKiTiO Node -> Zotac GTX1070 mini -> Apple Cinema 30 via Dual line DVI


All powered on and connected


1. Disable System Integrity Protection and reboot

boot command-r -> Utilities -> Terminal -> csrutil disable -> reboot


2. from Terminal copy and paste the command to get automate-eGPU.sh and execute it. Reboot after completion


cd ~/Desktop && curl -o automate-eGPU.sh  https://raw.githubusercontent.com/goalque/automate-eGPU/master/automate-eGPU.sh   && chmod +x automate-eGPU.sh && sudo ./automate-eGPU.sh


this fetches latest driver, installs it, makes necessary changes etc.

Reboot once complete


3 Mac know recognize the GTX1070 card!


4. Now that things are working, re-enable System Integritiy Protection

reboot -> command-r -> Utilities -> Terminal -> csrutil enable -> reboot


5. Verify that X-Plane 10 is using eGPU

        Run X-Plane 10 

Go to Settings -> Rendering Options

Verify that Nvidia driver and GTX1070 is recognized and used by X-Plane 10.





Experience after half a day


o gnu benchmark ran okey but didn’t see dramatic improvement expected for GTX1070, not even close.

o X-Plane10 GPU rendering time went down about half, some times more, other times not much - overall I am cpu limiting as is. 

o Mac seems to experience more crashes - panic

o definitely do not want to power off or unplug eGPU while Mac is running

o Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 scored only 40.1 fps at 1011. but it lists all GPUs ( iGPU, dGPU, and eGPU) at 2560x1600 8xAA, Ultra quality and Extreme Tessellation.



MBPr 15 2015 R9 370X MacOS Sierra - Akitio Node - GTX1070 - Cinama 30