Mini ITX build with support for external GPU?
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Mini ITX build with support for external GPU?  


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So I have the idea of building a LAN party PC in the Velka 3 case with a light weigh GPU inside and the ability to connevt external GPU for heavy lifting when I really need it. I was thinking about using the Ryzen 7 3700x but I'm not terribly up to date on current gen stuff and I read that AMD does not have proper support for thunderbolt 3?

My question is are there any recommendations for a mini itx build with a ballpark CPU and motherboard that will support the use of external GPU?

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@thomas022, There's only one ITX motherboard that supports AMD processors and has on-board Thunderbolt 3, X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3.

Instead of going Thunderbolt 3 route for eGPU, I would recommend going with M.2 eGPU. The performance is better and it's a lower cost overall. You can look into ADT-Link R43SG.


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