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2011 15" ASUS A53S (GT540M) [2nd,2C,M] + GTX 750 Ti @ 4Gbps-mPCIe2 (EXP GDC 8.4)...

2011 15" ASUS A53S (GT540M) [2nd,2C,M] + GTX 750 Ti @ 4Gbps-mPCIe2 (EXP GDC 8.4) + Win10 [OniOn78]  


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hello everyone,

this is my 1st post in this forum, after reading so many thread on how to get the eGPU start working, i manage to get mine up and running without much error for 2 days... lol

ok, i got this old Asus 15" A53 laptop which have been using for many years, along the way , i'd upgraded the ram to 16gb and plug an 512gb Trancend SSD into it.  so recently i got this idea to try the eGPU setting and i'd purchsed the EXP GDC adapter (m-PCIe) c/w AC power supply.

  • Asus A53s
  • Intel Core i5 2nd Gen 2410M (2.30 GHz)
  • 16GB Ram, 500GB SSD, EXP GDC v8.4
  • GT 540M + GTX750ti OC


after all parts are gather, i started my trial and error.

1) i remove my wifi adapter and plug in the mPCIe cable, connect it to the EXP GDC

2) slot in GPU into EXP GDC

3) plug in AC adapter to EXP GDC

4) HDMI cable from GPU to 27" Acer Monitor

here comes the 1st problem, when i switch on my laptop, EXP GDC is ON, gpu fan spin for a while then stop. no image from my monitor. but Win10 is still loading and able to login. then i checked Device Manager and there's no new hardware found~!

i'd tried using DDU to uninstall and reinstall Geforce driver but no luck. then i come across an info which make all things worked out.

here's the simple guide, i gather these info from this forum and youtube.

1) boot Win10 with wifi card attached

2) put Win10 to sleep and swap the wifi card with the EXP GDC cable while my GPU is on adapter and its power ON

3) wake up Win 10 and i'd found the *Microsoft Generic Display Adapter* in my Device Manager.

4) boot into Safe Mode and use DDU to uninstall driver.

5) rebooted, and there's 2 Generic Display Adapter (GT540m & GTX750ti)

6) install Geforce Driver ver368.81, use Custom install, juz tick Nvidia driver and PhysX, after completed, DO NOT RESTART! click Restart Later.

7) Win + R -> regedit -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Delete the folder of Nvidia Reboot (xxxxxxx-xxxxx)

8)  then follow install Geforce Driver ver.385.41 with Express install and then restart your laptop.

9) after u login to Win10, goto Device Manager and disable your GT540m or else the Win10 will keep crashing.

*u can found the driver from here ->Nvidia Driver - GynTh0r *


hope this helps 🙂

and lastly, sorry for my english, its not my native language:)

2011 15" Asus A53s GT540M + [email protected] (EXP GDC 8.4) + Win10

changed GTX750Ti to GTX1050Ti 4GB

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We have the same laptop but i have 1050ti as gpu, we the same problem, but when i try your methods it doesn't work,  my gpu is still not detected, maybe you can help me?  Plss

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on my asus a43s internal  GT520M and external gt 730 both w0rking dual display, i try to play witcher 3 on gt730 monitor then drag it into internal lcd, the external are still processing, amd rx card have no display. windows 7 genuine.

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