DIY solution help request. CY Thunderbolt to NVMe RAID- with Thunderbolt pass-th...
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DIY solution help request. CY Thunderbolt to NVMe RAID- with Thunderbolt pass-through  


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Hi, looking for experience/thoughts/advice on the following CY Thunderbolt adapter:


I previously had an Expresscard eGPU (GTX 460) on a Lenovo x220, built for the fun of the project. Now on an X1 Tablet 3rd gen with i7 8550U and 16gb RAM, Windows 10. I'm new to Thunderbolt and looking to add a GPU for data science work rather than gaming.

Features I'm looking for are:

  • small size- willing to build a custom enclosure to allow this.
  • single cable solution to my X1, as my current HP USB-C dock allows.
  • ability to upgrade the GPU.

Distinguishing features here are dual M.2 slots, Thunderbolt power delivery, second Thunderbolt 3 port. I had hoped it would be possible to build the functionality of the Omen in a way smaller setup. Key aims here, with associated queries:

  • mid range+ GPU using a PCIe riser from the first M.2, its video outputs.
  • SFX PSU or external power brick providing the power for the GPU and for the laptop via power delivery.
  • storage solution using the second M.2- would this lead to significant throttling if using storage intermittently; would this effectively steal a PCIe lane?
  • Flexible IO options including USB C, USB A, ethernet via a USB C dock connected to the second Thunderbolt.Would this steal significant bandwidth or even a whole PCIe lane, even if this was not a thunderbolt product?

Grateful for the sharing of any experience with this product and answers to the questions above.

X1 Tablet 3rd | i7-8550u | 16gb RAM
Omen Accelerator + RX460 (RTX2070 compatability issue)
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@wpwp, you need the power supply that comes with the CY Thunderbolt adapter (20V/6A/120W) and a separate power supply for the GPU (12V/18.3A/220W) or you need a method to convert 12V to 20V.

The CY Thunderbolt adapter probably gives 2 lanes to each M.2 slot. They do not share lanes and can each do 1600 MB/s. They do share the Thunderbolt connection which can do 2750 MB/s.

Many eGPUs have a second Thunderbolt controller to connect a USB hub and other devices. Connecting a Thunderbolt dock to the CY Thunderbolt adapter will be similar to that. Connecting a USB-C dock might have the problem that caused those eGPU manufacturers to add the second Thunderbolt controller.



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