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G501J with 960m bought akitioNode2 and 1080 founders edition. (PROBLEM!! )

G501J with 960m bought akitioNode2 and 1080 founders edition. (PROBLEM!! )  


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Hi so I got the founders 1080 and I don’t know why it doesn’t work to make my control panel to show up the egpu,  I’ve tried to download drivers from nvidia + thunderbolt and also the power adapter doesn’t seem to do anything more than lit up to card itself (not the gpu in this case only the akitio thunder2) , could someone help me to recognize this card in my laptop ? I don’t know what else I can do than installing drivers and buying a bigger more powerful batteri generator which is the cx430m Corsair (I bought a prebuilt kit with all the wires and everything was in place so i decided to buy one of the 8pin versions of the 1080s) the 6+2 pin isn’t it enough to fill out the 8 pin slot on the card ? Shouldn’t it be enough with 430watt ? ? Thanks in Advance and please help me , I really don’t have much more experience than any of the other noobs wanting these kits, I’ve always wanted a powerful gpu now I have it but it doesn’t show up in the control panel, I heard from the guy that sold me this akitio node 2 to inactivate the gpu internally and then turn off the laptop and thereafter turn on the Node 2 when starting it again, and thereafter it should show up with a yellow triangle . Are these steps true ? Thanks in advance :/ my email [email protected]


Heres a a link with photos of the setup! 


It’s a Asus laptop G501J about one year old now so the graphics card ain’t good enough anymore :/

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