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Good metal thickness  


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How thick metal I need, I want case to be sturdy and be able to take a hit or couple. Is 3mm way too thin? I just wanna hear some recommendations 🙂
Is there somekind of service what can cut me piece of metal i need. Like i give them the dimensions of every part and they cut it. Then i finish it off by drilling holes and so on?

Got inspiration from here, it looks awesome btw:

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3mm will be very strong, do keep an eye in the weight if you want to take it around. I have some 2mm aluminium plate and it seems sturdy enough for a case.

Keep in mind the case structure will have a role in self-support/making it rigid. It's harder to compress a box than it is to bend plain sheet. IgorGIV made his case with 0.8 and 1mm materials.

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