[HELP/IDEA] Aorus Gaming Box + Nvidia Quadro -> Portable eGPU
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[HELP/IDEA] Aorus Gaming Box + Nvidia Quadro -> Portable eGPU  


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Hello, Im new in this forum and befor posting this I have read a lot of threads here and have learned a lot. 

I have a HP Spectre x360 13" Laptop which I really like, but the lack of a GPU drives me crazy when I have to do some CAD work. Searching for a solution I found out that an eGPU would be the thing Im looking for and so I got deeper in this topic. 

During my research, I found only one eGPU that it is really Portable and that is the Lenovo Graphics Dock, but unfortunately with a GTX that is not supported by CAD (in my case SolidWorks) and almost no where aviable in Germany to buy or for a really high Price. 

I have seen a lot of cutom builds here in this forum and did not find anything like my idea. I want a "Lenovo Graphics Dock" type of eGPU but with an Nvidia Quadro (small form factor for Desktop PC) and some USB(+/-Lan) Ports.

I was able to buy, for a good price on eBay, an Aorus Gaming Box without the GPU. Yesterday came the Box and I did try it out with a Nvidia Quadro K600 GPU which I had laying around. I also analyzed that the Gaming Box has a lot of free space with this GPU and therefore I want to build a Custom Case that I can 3D Print. 

The PSU of the Gaming Box is really small but really loud. I have read that some changed the Fans but since I wont need that much power, Im asking if going fanless PSU is possible?! 

The Quadro K600 needs according to datasheet about 40W, and for the moment Im looking to buy a used Quadro M2000 which would fit in the Gaming Box and would need max 70W Power. So, charging the Laptop can be done with max 100W + 70W for the M2000 GPU = 170W, lets add a bit more for the USB Devices and Controller Board, 200-220W PSU would be enough accoring to my calculations if im not missing something. 

So is there any tiny fanless PSU that I could use to mod my Gaming Box?

I also want to change the position of the controller board, it should stay vertically, parallel to the GPU, therefore I need some kind of an angle PCIe angled Adapter or better a Flexible ribbon cable. 

I want to build a case as compact and portable as possible. The Gaming Box is suprisingly small but a bit heavy and with the Quadro M2000 inside, a lot of space is free/wasted. 

Any suggestions/ideas are welcome. 


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Did you read this thread?

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@uskana as for going fanless on the original PSU: don't, even if you only need the max of 220W, DON'T those are already about 50% of what the original PSU can deliver and therefore will definitely need cooling. Plus, if you plan to cramp those parts together like in the Aorus Box, the graphics card will also warm up the PSU next to it.

As for passive PSUs of that form factor: I don't know anything about those, but I think it's highly unlikely since the PSU will need a beefy heat sink (or have super low Power output – perhaps in the below 100W range). I don't know if you know those huge bricks that Dell uses on the bigger Alienware computers, those are much bigger than the original PSU in the AGB but deliver a lot less power than the actively cooled, 450W PSU in the AGB. I think the Zotac mini box also comes with an external PSU, at a cost though:

  • low headroom for more power hungry graphics cards
  • only 15W power delivery via TB3
  • external power brick plus another psu for the host required on the go

As you already mentioned - and in compliance with my opinion - your best bet would be to modify the fan in the PSU and keep it actively cooled. Especially keeping the original PSU will make it easier to get the box working, since, as itsage mentioned in a thread (i believe it was itsage – sorry, can't remember the thread), the PSU connector seems to be custom made and changing the PSU might make for a challenge due to different PSUs most likely not getting any power on signal from the AGB to begin with (due to the special wiring of PSU and the AGBs PCB).

I don't want to force it onto you, but i can highly recommend my mod. If you want to go with the risk, you can also try an even less "powerful" (and possibly absolutely inaudible – though the one i used is fairly quiet already – only really noticeable if you concentrate on it) fan than i used (since you don't plan to push the PSU to it's limits) – but like I said, it's a risk to take on the PSU potentially overheating.

As for weight: I don't think you'll get it much lighter than the original AGB already is. most of the weight comes from the PSU and the cooler on a graphics card. Those are the heaviest parts on the AGB and you can't really get around those. If it really bothers you to have so much "wasted space" (keep in mind, everything you got in air can potentially help keep the components cooler – cramping them together to no end can create an issue with temperatures and therefore potentially reduce your components life span) you can still go with the custom made enclosure, but I don't think changing it will give you any noticeable profit on the weight side. Especially sacrificing the case fans for a smaller form factor is really risky (passive cooling requires passive airflow, which you will not get without any circulation – that's why we have case fans in the first place 😉 – and to get rid of all the heat those components cause)

As you may be able to tell by looking at the AGB, it's designed to be very light while keeping stability, so I would believe Aorus/Gigabyte already had the same idea as you have here.


EDIT: I just took a look at the card you plan to use (sorry I didn't do so earlier), and I think I understand what you mean with "a lot of space". However, the issue with finding a working PSU still remains. I think you should be able to find PCI riser cards that suit your needs somewhere (sorry, can't give a hint, but I know those exist out there). You also may still want to consider keeping at least one case fan (not the original ones, they are horribly loud) to get some heat out in the open. Especially since the card doesn't make air move anywhere but to the GPU.

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Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I have been searching on google for two days now on a tiny PSU, but couldn´t find any that is smaller than the one in the Gaming Box. I will probably change the fans and just redesign the case. 

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