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Psu charging computer?  


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This form has helped me out a lot and I hope it can help me again. 

So I’m getting a R43sg-tb3 adapter from Aliexpress (it’s taking forever but maybe I’m just use to Amazon prime...), I already bought a RX 570 and a 450 w psu. This is for my intel 2020 MBP with 2 thunderbolt ports. Since the adapter hasn’t come, I haven’t tested it yet but I realized I’ll have a problem. I need to charge my Mac and but also need an external storage drive due to only having 250 gb of internal storage( for editing software, games, windows boot camp).

The problem is if I plug in the egpu and the power supply to the Mac I’m out of ports and can have no external storage.I found the Jeyi thunderbolt mini 7 dock that has both PD and a memory slot. Would this work as a solution  or is this too much going to the through the machine/dock? Is jeyi any good? If not is there any recommended alternatives?

One more side question but is there a way to connect my psu to my Mac to charge it directly (I now my adapter can’t do that)?

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Maybe you need an OWC Thunderbolt Hub? It has 60W of charging and three downstream Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The JEYI should also work - it has 60W of charging, one downstream Thunderbolt 3 port, and it has an M.2 slot for an NVMe storage device.


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I think the most easy solution would be to use one TB3 port for the eGPU only. 
Then just use a simple Dock which can charge and have storage for the other port.

Which form of storage do you have? Or are you just willing to buy storage? 
I would recommend using a USB3 to SATA Adapter and then a simple SSD. 

If you will go more fancy there are also USB C docks with integrated M.2 SSDs. 

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