[Australia] Sonnet Breakaway Box 350W AU$404.10, 550W AU$476.99 @ MacFixit.com.a...
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[Australia] Sonnet Breakaway Box 350W AU$404.10, 550W AU$476.99 @ MacFixit.com.au  


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Legit Australian stock, based in Melbourne.

Currently these are on a double promo for 2 days only until midnight Friday 23rd March AEST.

Normally these are a bit overpriced from MacFixit at AU$549.99 & AU$659.99 for the 350W and 550W versions respectively, however they're on sale at AU$449.99 & AU$529.99, which isn't too bad.  Coupled with a coupon that's good for 10% off for today and tomorrow (use at checkout):


And the price on them is reduced to AU$404.10 and AU$476.99 for the two eGPU boxes.  Regular price, US$299 for the Sonnet 350 is AU$383.23 at current exchange rate and that'd be plus shipping to Aus, the cheapest listing I could find on eBay for the Sonnet 350 shipped to Australia on eBay right now came to AU$446.

Easily the cheapest I've ever seen Australian stock on these.  Happy shopping!


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